Yale Undegraduate Career Services

Gap Year and Short-Term Post-Graduate Opportunities

The gap year refers to a period of time, usually one or two years after graduation, where students take a break from formal education to travel, volunteer, or do an internship/fellowship before continuing with graduate/professional school or starting a job. These short-term experiences can help students explore a potential career path, gain experience and credentials that could contribute to graduate/professional school, develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally, and connect with professionals in areas of potential interest. In some cases, these short-term experiences will turn into longer-term professions (e.g. a teaching fellowship turning into a teaching career). When thinking about a gap year or two, consider the following prompts:

1.      Why are you doing this?
What is motivating you to take a gap year or two? Have you thoroughly thought through how this might fit with your future career or graduate/professional school goals? What is your vision? Draw it out.

 2.      What are your goals?
For example, are you interested in expanding your resume, working and living independently, identifying/clarifying your interests, or experiencing a different culture? Get specific.

 3.      Plan ahead.
Planning ahead is useful in order to avoid missing deadlines for applications or fellowships. Giving yourself ample time to create your gap year plan is important for updating any international travel documents you may need, saving money, or booking trips in advance.

 4.      Research your ideas – what are your options?
To help you explore a variety of options, we created the following list of resources commonly used by undergraduates. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list; we intend for you to use it as a starting point and not as an end point. For additional short-term opportunities, look at your specific career fields of interest on the Office of Career Strategy Explore Careers pages, the Get Involved in Allopathic Medicine page, and the Fellowship’s Office list of nationally competitive and Yale-specific fellowships. You can make an appointment with an Office of Career Strategy adviser to further discuss your options.

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Public Health/Health Policy

Health Research/Pre-Health Opportunities

Social Justice and Service

Public Affairs/Public Interest

Nonprofit Leadership

Religiously-Affiliated Service

Volunteer Farming

Environmental Programs

Search Engines/Databases/Aggregators

Omprakash creates transformative educational experiences by connecting grassroots social impact organizations around the world with an audience of volunteers, donors, and classrooms that can learn from and support their work. We are about providing affordable opportunities for individuals to build meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with grassroots social impact organizations around the world. Our database links over 100 pre-vetted 'Partner' organizations from over 30 countries with potential volunteers and funders, all free of charge. We also offer grants to qualified applicants to defray the costs of travel and living expenses.

Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad is one of the largest volunteer abroad organizations in the world. Founded in 1992, we send 10,000 people abroad each year on a variety of service projects and internships overseas. All participants receive unparalleled in-country support from our full-time, professional staff to ensure that the experience is safe, worthwhile and fun.

Intrax is a globally-oriented company that provides a lifetime of high quality educational and work programs that connect people and cultures. Intrax has operations in more than 100 countries worldwide and offers diverse educational and cultural programs including: high school exchange, international au pairs, language classes, leadership programs, and work and internship placements. Since 1980, Intrax has placed more than 350,000 participants in its programs. Intrax is based in San Francisco, CA, with offices on four continents.

Volunteer Services Overseas
Volunteer Services Overseas sends volunteers, usually those with technical qualifications of some sort, to alleviate poverty in developing nations. VSO's work revolves around four development areas, linked to the priorities of our partners, international development targets and our areas of expertise. These are health, HIV and AIDS, participation and governance, secure livelihoods and education. We're committed to gender equality in all our work so that men and women have equal opportunities to realize their potential.

AIESEC Yale is the platform and portal for Yale students who are ready to engage real-world issues on a professional level. Members have the opportunity to work in five core teams that represent the different functional areas of AIESEC Yale’s operations. Led by a member of the executive board, each core team provides a unique set of requirements and challenges that hone skills ranging from international sales and negotiation to budgeting to human resource development. Underlying the professional manner in which AIESEC Yale operates is a deeply held commitment to creating positive social change in the world; connected to a network of 86,000 of the world’s brightest young change agents spread across 113 countries, AIESEC Yale offers unmatched opportunities for students to have an impact on the world.


Anseye Pou Ayiti (Teach for Haiti)
Anseye Pou Ayiti envisions an education system in Haiti that affords all the country’s citizens their human right to a high-quality education by promoting teacher excellence and student success.

Blue Engine
Blue Engine provides recent college graduates an opportunity to engage in one year of direct service designed to accelerate academic achievement in high-need public high schools.

Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Program
This program is a part of Americorps that places Fellows who commit to a year of service at non-profit organizations, schools, and city agencies across Massachusetts to create, lead, and manage youth development projects.

City Year
City Year unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world. As tutors, mentors and role models, these diverse young leaders help children stay in school and on track, and transform schools and communities across the United States, as well as through international affiliates in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England. Just as important, during their year of service corps members develop civic leadership skills they can use throughout a lifetime of community service.

Yale-China Teaching Fellowship
The Yale-China Teaching Fellowship is an exceptional opportunity for personal, intellectual, and professional discovery. Fellows live and teach in China for two years, study Chinese, and receive on-going professional support throughout their experience. The self-discovery and cross-cultural fluency that results from the two years of immersion has inspired many former Yale-China Fellows to become leaders in international or China-related fields.

Princeton in Asia
Princeton in Asia provides transformative, service-oriented experiences for talented graduates and serves the needs of Asia as determined by our Asian partners. Princeton in Asia’s Home Office is located on the Princeton University campus. Princeton in Asia is a private, independent, non-profit organization 501(c)(3) affiliated with Princeton University.

Princeton in Latin America
Princeton in Latin America is a non-profit organization that partners with non-profits throughout Latin America to match them with young, public sector professionals seeking full-year fellowships in development work. We are an independent 501(c)3 which is not funded by Princeton University.

Nanubhai Education Foundation Teaching Fellowship
The Nanubhai Fellowship is a yearlong opportunity for passionate, motivated individuals interested in improving rural education and providing access to new opportunities for rural students in India. Fellows work with local teachers, teach English, and support our capacity building programs by working directly with the communities we serve. Fellows live within the rural villages they serve, allowing them to get to know their students, their students’ families and to be completely integrated with the community.

Cape Eleuthera Island School Teaching Fellowship
The Island School’s Teaching Fellowship Program is an opportunity for recent college graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in education. It is an ideal way for future teachers to immerse themselves in all aspects of boarding school life, while receiving the support and training necessary to be successful as educators. As a member of our community, teaching fellows will experience the day-to-day challenges of living on an island while also discovering the rewards of working with young people and other educators who share a similar dedication to academic rigor, environmental issues, and local culture.

Public Allies Fellowship
The Public Allies fellowship program at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center supports new ways of leading that are right for the times and right for a unique student population. The Fellowship Program provides twelve individuals with an advanced yearlong service and leadership development program focused on education and youth development at the nationally recognized Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center located in Estes Park, Colorado.

School for Ethics and Global Leadership – SEGL Fellowship
Located in Washington, DC, The School for Ethics and Global Leadership is a semester-long residential program for a diverse group of intellectually motivated high school juniors from across the United States. This fellowship represents an extraordinary opportunity for a rising star in the nonprofit sector to help build a school that is changing the world. The School for Ethics and Global Leadership is seeking a small number of enthusiastic, committed team members to help supervise, teach, and mentor students, and to take a leadership role in key administrative areas.

MATCH Corps Urban Education/Teaching Fellowship
This is an 11 month (August through June) residential fellowship program. It pairs Corps members with 6-7 MATCH High or Middle School students. Corps members run small group or 1-on-1 tutorials every day, run extra-curriculars, coach sports, and serve as a Teaching Assistant to one of our classroom teachers or as an Administrative Assistant in each of the school departments.

Inner City Teaching Corps
Top recent college graduates who received their bachelor’s degree and who have shown leadership in college and who are committed to becoming leaders in urban education are invited to apply to the Inner-City Teaching Corps.

Citizen Schools
Citizen Schools puts talented young educators into a second shift of middle schools across the country, working on a team with school leaders, families, and volunteers in a proven model. Get on-the-job educator training, hone professional skills in a key nonprofit area, and impact the community in a meaningful way.

Teach for America
All kids—no matter where they live, how much money their parents make, or what their skin color is – deserve access to a great education. But in our country today, low-income children do not have the same access to a great education as their wealthier peers. It’s not easy to close this gap, but hundreds of proof points show that it’s possible. It takes committed leaders in our classrooms today who will continue to fight for students tomorrow. Teach For America’s mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by developing such leaders.

The New York Teaching Fellows
For individuals looking to embark on a career in education but do not have an education degree, the New York Teaching Fellows program offers a high-quality teacher training program to begin a post-graduation education and career with hands-on training and experience. Fellows are trained during the summer, and most Fellows find employment in the New York Public School system in the following year.

Mississippi Teachers Corps
The Mississippi Teacher Corps is a two-year graduate program that recruits college graduates to teach in critical-need areas of Mississippi. The program is only open to non-education majors.

WorldTeach partners with governments and other organizations in developing countries to provide volunteer teachers to meet local needs and promote responsible global citizenship. It also addressed a growing interest among people in the U.S. and elsewhere to serve, teach and learn as volunteers overseas. WorldTeach provides opportunities for volunteers to teach in developing countries for year programs that are 10-12 months long or summer programs that are 2 months in length. The program can cost the volunteers up to thousands of dollars.

Math for America
The mission of Math for America is to improve mathematics and science education in US public secondary schools by building a corps of outstanding STEM teachers and leaders. Our goal is to support those outstanding STEM teachers already in the classroom and to increase the number of mathematically talented individuals entering teaching. The Math for America Fellowship is for individuals with a degree, substantial mathematics coursework, and provides for a scholarship for a Master’s or teacher certification program, as well as teacher training.

NYC Civic Corps
The NYC Civic Corps is a diverse group of volunteers who are dispatched in small teams to local organizations for ten months of service, with the charge of engaging New Yorkers in volunteerism and expanding organizational capacity to impact New York City’s most pressing needs.

Public Health/Health Policy

Mapping Health
The goal of Mapping Health is to use information tools to improve communication and understanding of health issues. We use recent advances in the fields of data collection and analysis, interactive visualizations, GIS, and other information technologies. The audience is policy-makers, health professionals, community health workers, patients, ... and anyone interested in promoting the health of populations, loved ones, or themselves! The plan, if people demonstrate interest in this initiative, is that we will create interactive visualizations of other health topics. We hope to incorporate requests and feedback from the audience.

Sparkman Center
In today’s interdependent global economy, the need for cooperation between governments, international agencies, organizations, and institutions in alleviating global health problems has increased. The Sparkman Center has a history of successful collaboration with institutions abroad in implementing graduate-level educational and training programs in public health. In addition, the Center has collaborated with the WHO and PAHO and sponsored numerous short-term training programs in various developing countries.

ReliefWeb has been the leading source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since 1996. We provide reliable disaster and crisis updates and analysis to humanitarians, so they can make informed decisions and plan effective assistance. Our editorial insight, combined with access to the latest technology, allows us to provide innovative, reliable and informative products and services on a continuous, global basis. The site connects to internships and jobs worldwide in various health and humanitarian positions.

Emerson National Hunger Fellowship
The Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship, a project of the Congressional Hunger Center, is a unique leadership development opportunity for motivated individuals seeking to make a difference in the struggle to eliminate hunger and poverty. Each year 20 participants are selected for this eleven-month program. Fellows are placed for half their term of service with urban and rural community-based organizations all over the country involved in fighting hunger at the local level. For the other half of their service, they are placed with national organizations involved in the anti-hunger and poverty movement.

Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows Program
The Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellowship is a unique leadership development opportunity for experienced, motivated individuals seeking to make a difference in the struggle to eliminate hunger and poverty worldwide. This two-year program begins with a one-year field placement in countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Fellows are assigned to national and international non-governmental organizations, private sector entities, and bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations. Fellows spend their second year in a policy environment, usually at the headquarters of the organizations where they served during their field placements.

Family USA Villers Fellowship for Health Care Justice
The Villers Fellow works as a full-time policy analyst in Families USA’s Health Policy Department. The Fellowship is based in the Families USA office in Washington, D.C. and is designed to provide the Fellow with a national perspective on health care justice work and the opportunity to learn about a range of health care justice issues. The Fellow’s principal responsibilities include conducting primary and secondary research on a range of health care issues and health reform topics—such as Medicaid, Medicare, the state Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the private insurance market—as well as writing and contributing to publications that are relevant to current health reform issues. The fellowship will last one year.

amfAR: Allan Rosenfield, M.D., HIV/AIDS Public Policy Internship and Fellowship program
amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Allan Rosenfield, M.D., HIV/AIDS Public Policy Internship and Fellowship program. This training program has been established for exceptional college undergraduates and graduate students who aspire to become leaders in public health and in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

AIDS Health Project
This one-year program helps AHP to better manage the volume of high quality services we offer, and also to groom future mental health, social service, and public health providers with expertise in HIV care.

Pedro Zamora Public Policy Fellowship
In the spirit of AIDS activist, educator, and reality-show trailblazer Pedro Zamora’s work to combat the spread of HIV, AIDS United offers a public policy fellowship in his name. The Pedro Zamora Public Policy Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students seeking experience in public policy and government affairs focused on HIV/AIDS issues. 8-26 weeks. Application timeframes vary with the term applied for.

Institute for Women’s Policy Research – Marian K. Chamberlain Fellowship
The Mariam K. Chamberlain Fellow works as a general research assistant on a variety of research projects and reports. Research tasks may include reviewing literature; collecting, checking and analyzing data; gathering information; and preparing reports and report graphics. Attending relevant Congressional briefings, policy seminars and meetings is also an integral part of the fellowship program.

FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellowship at The Food Trust
This two-year Fellowship program for recent college graduates is designed to train future leaders in the education and youth development field and to strengthen high-quality youth-serving organizations. The selected Fellow will spend half time working with youth to provide nutrition education and conduct leadership activities, and the other half time on public policy work to increase access to healthy food in underserved areas.

Princeton in Asia
Princeton in Asia provides transformative, service-oriented experiences for talented graduates and serves the needs of Asia as determined by our Asian partners. Princeton in Asia is a private, independent, non-profit organization 501(c)(3) affiliated with Princeton University.

Princeton in Latin America
Princeton in Latin America is a non-profit organization that partners with non-profits throughout Latin America to match them with young, public sector professionals seeking full-year fellowships in development work. We are an independent 501(c)3 which is not funded by Princeton University.

NYC Civic Corps
The NYC Civic Corps is a diverse group of volunteers who are dispatched in small teams to local organizations for ten months of service, with the charge of engaging New Yorkers in volunteerism and expanding organizational capacity to impact New York City’s most pressing needs.

Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholars Program
The Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholars Program brings talented college seniors and recent graduates to Washington, D.C., where they are placed in congressional offices and learn about health policy issues, with a focus on issues affecting racial and ethnic minority and underserved communities. Through the ten-week program (May 17–July 24, 2010), Scholars gain knowledge about federal legislative procedure and health policy issues, while further developing their critical thinking and leadership skills. In addition to gaining experience in a congressional office, Scholars participate in seminars and site visits to augment their knowledge of health care issues, and write and present a health policy research memo that addresses a problem of concern to disadvantaged populations.

Health Research/Pre-Health Opportunities

Medical Missionaries Global Health Fellows
The Medical Missionaries Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship in Global Health offers two recent college graduates planning on entering the health professions the opportunity to gain experience in health care delivery in a developing country. Fellows spend one year in Thomassique, Haiti, working at St. Joseph’s Clinic, where they act as liaisons between Medical Missionaries—the US-based organization that built and funds the clinic—and the clinic’s all-Haitian staff. The fellowship begins in the summer and ends in the summer of the following year.

Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory Fellowship Program
Practical application of technologies, methodologies and practices related to emerging infectious diseases; conduct high priority infectious disease research in public health laboratories

International Zoological Expeditions
Tropical rainforest and marine biological field stations. Broad-based overview of tropical ecosystems in Belize and Guatemala..

Concern America
Help in refugee aid, public health, nutrition, health education sanitation, and communication organization, need fluency in Spanish

Sight for All-Ophthalmology Rotation in New Delhi, India 
Rotations offer clinical and public health experience relevant to your level of education (6 months).

NIH Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Program
Provides opportunities for recent college graduates to spend a year engaged in biomedical research at the NIH.

NIH Academy
NIH Academy is a postbaccalaureate program that provides opportunities for recent college graduates to spend a year engaged in biomedical investigation at NIH. Recent college graduates with a research interest in domestic health disparities

Technical Intramural Research Training Award
Aims to produce highly trained research support personnel.

Research Participation Program for the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine
Opportunities to participate in applied clinical research in areas such as occupational and environmental health engineering, entomology, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, health promotion, industrial hygiene and worksite hazards, ergonomics, environmental sanitation and hygiene, laboratory science, chemistry, biology, toxicology, health physics, environmental health risk assessment and risk communication, behavioral health, traumatic brain injury and related projects.

Research Participation for the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine
The U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine is an internationally renowned center for aerospace medical learning, consultation, aerospace medical investigations and aircrew health assessments. The school promotes readiness and protects force and community health by utilizing a range of tools and expertise. Opportunities exist in program areas such as environmental and health surveillance, laboratory and risk analysis, process re-engineering, consultation and technological innovation, and operational health.

Postbaccalaureate Prehealth Studies
The Postbaccalaureate Prehealth Certificate Program at New York University is designed primarily for those students who have made the decision to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry or other health professions, but who have not yet taken the basic sciences needed to apply to medical or other health professional schools.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Forensic Investigation
The program is designed for students with a bachelor's degree who wish to gain competence in the area of forensic investigation. Its aim is to educate personnel whose professional scope and practice interfaces with the criminal justice system. It is designed to provide police and fire inspectors, emergency service personnel, nurses, social workers and other public health professionals with the competencies essential to the process of forensic investigation. Upon completion of the program graduates will be knowledgeable in the areas of legal/ethical parameters, specimen collection and analysis, forensic anatomy, forensic psychology, the criminal justice system, and the application of photographic/evidence specialties.

Unite For Sight
All volunteers participating in Unite For Sight's international programs are Global Impact Fellows. They participate daily with local ophthalmologists, local optometrists, and local ophthalmic nurses to eliminate patient barriers to care and to facilitate comprehensive year-round eye care for patients living in extreme poverty. Through hands-on, structured training, volunteers gain a comprehensive understanding about best practice principles in volunteerism, global health, and international development.

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation: Post-Bachelor Fellowship
The Post-Bachelor Fellowship is an advanced, structured, and focused didactic program where talented scholars can apply their knowledge and passion to help advance the field of health metrics and accelerate global health progress. The fellowship provides a unique opportunity for recent college graduates with strong quantitative skills to train with faculty and senior researchers on a variety of global health projects. At the intersection of academic research, education, and professional work, the Post-Bachelor Fellowship combines on-the-job mentoring from an illustrious group of professors and researchers with course work and field experience in developing countries.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Health Research Training Program
The Health Research Training Program of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene provides undergraduate, graduate/professional school students the opportunity to experience some of the "real life" challenges of public health. By working on current relevant public health issues under the close supervision of experienced professionals, students apply their classroom learning to practical problems and, in the process, learn critical skills.

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
The Smithsonian Institution offers fellowships for advanced study at SERC at the senior postdoctoral, postdoctoral, predoctoral, and graduate student levels. SERC hosts about 18 fellows annually.

Patient-Oriented and Translational Research Option
This program offers a "hands-on" application of medical research and is open to undergraduates, recent graduates, medical students, PhD and MD/PhD students, and postdoctoral research associates

Volunteering India
Volunteering India provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteer programs in India, offering a variety of programs, internships, and gap year programs in India, where volunteers can choose to work in New Delhi, Palampur/Dharamsala and South India including Bangalore, Mysore and more.

Volunteering Solutions
Volunteering Solutions is an organization that provides safe, professional and affordable international volunteering opportunities. Our projects are in the fields of medical internships, childcare, teaching, women empowerment, community development and wildlife conservation programs.  We also offer international internships for nursing students and professionals in hospitals, as well as dental elective placements for dental students.

Social Justice and Service

Peace Corps
Peace Corps Volunteers must commit to two years of service. Volunteers serve in 74 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Volunteers collaborate with local community members to work in areas like education, youth outreach and community development, the environment, and information technology.

Children’s Corps
Children's Corps seeks to improve life opportunities for all children and families who come to the attention of public child welfare systems throughout the United States. Our mission is to effect change by reducing caseworker turnover, providing more effective assessments and service referrals, as well as creating more positive, permanent outcomes for children and families.

Families USA Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice
The Wellstone Fellow plays an integral role in the work of Families USA’s Field and Minority Health Initiatives Departments. During the year, the Fellow will learn about health reform implementation, minority health, Medicaid, Medicare, and other important health policy issues. At the same time, the Wellstone Fellow will develop an understanding of the tactics and strategies used in state-based consumer health advocacy organizations and will work directly with our network of state consumer health advocates and organizations. This fellowship will last one year.

Samuel Huntington Public Service Award
The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award provides a $15,000 stipend for a graduating college senior to pursue one year of public service anywhere in the world. The award allows recipients to engage in a meaningful public service activity for one year before proceeding on to graduate school or a career.

Kip Tiernan Social Justice Fellowship
The Fellowship provides a unique and exciting opportunity for a woman to develop and carry out a special project that will further the mission of Rosie’s Place anywhere in New England. Eligible projects could include: a policy initiative or campaign; a creative arts program; the development and implementation of a needed service; or the creation of an innovative project aimed at reducing poverty, promoting social justice and empowering poor and homeless women. The Fellowship is 12 months long and is awarded on a one-time basis to an eligible woman. Fellows are paid a $40,000 stipend.

The Jeremiah Fellowship
The Jeremiah Fellowship educates and trains a select cohort of young adults to become the next generation of Jewish social justice changemakers.

The Autry Fellowship
The Autry Fellowship is a competitive fellowship program for talented and ambitious recent college graduates interested in careers in social justice. It provides an opportunity to work for one year at MDC as a full-time, paid staff member. MDC’s work is primarily in the American South, where a history of inequality and exclusion has trapped millions in circumstances below their potential.

AmeriCorps NCCC
AmeriCorps NCCC members serve for a 10-month commitment in teams of 8 to 12 and are assigned to projects throughout the region served by their campus. They are trained in CPR, first aid, public safety, and other skills before beginning their first service project. Members are based at one of five regional campuses and travel to complete service projects throughout those regions.

AmeriCorps VISTA
AmeriCorps VISTA members live and serve in some of our nation’s poorest urban and rural areas. With passion, commitment, and hard work, they create or expand programs designed to bring individuals and communities out of poverty. Each VISTA member makes a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on a specific project at a nonprofit organization or public agency.

Each year, AmeriCorps offers 75,000 opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Whether your service makes a community safer, gives a child a second chance, or helps protect the environment, you’ll be getting things done through AmeriCorps!

Campus Compact
The Service Fellow Program is a post-graduate opportunity aimed at developing recent college graduates’ professional skills in the nonprofit arena. ICP will select a full-time Fellow to work as part of ICP’s core team on its Summer of Service (SOS) Initiative, which aims to support and encourage the development of successful SOS programs that engage low-income, at-risk middle school students in improving their communities while engaging in experiential learning that increases their potential for access and success in college and beyond.

FEMA Corps
Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Corporation for National and Community Service have launched an innovative partnership to establish a FEMA-devoted unit of 1,600 service corps members within AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps solely devoted to disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

NYC Civic Corps
The NYC Civic Corps is a diverse group of volunteers who are dispatched in small teams to local organizations for ten months of service, with the charge of engaging New Yorkers in volunteerism and expanding organizational capacity to impact New York City’s most pressing needs.

Jewish Organizing Initiative
The Jewish Organizing Initiative builds a vibrant, pluralistic community of Jewish young adults who learn grassroots community organizing, explore their Jewish identity together, and become leaders in the pursuit of social justice. Our year-long paid community organizing fellowship is a year of field experience and professional development for young Jewish adults (21-30) who are interested in systemic change and community building.

American Jewish World Service World Partners Fellowship
AJWS World Partners Fellowship is a partially funded award granted to recent Jewish college graduates and young professionals seeking an intensive international volunteer service experience. On the ten month-long program, fellows live in India and volunteer with AJWS grantees and other grassroots NGOs working at the intersection of international development and human rights.

American India Foundation/William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India
The AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service gives a select group of young American professionals the opportunity to serve with Indian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for ten months. Fellows work in the three pillar areas of AIF: Public Health, Education, & Livelihoods. The AIF Clinton Fellowship Program aims to build the capacity of Indian NGOs while developing American leaders with a deep understanding of, and continued commitment to, India through an exchange of technical skills & intellectual resources that create meaningful transformative partnerships.

New Israel Fund Social Justice Fellowships
NIF/SHATIL Social Justice Fellows spend 32 hours per week interning in an approved, individually-selected Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO), active in one of the following areas: safeguarding civil and human rights; pursuing environmental justice; Promoting Jewish-Arab equality; advancing the status of women; fostering tolerance and religious pluralism; bridging social and economic gaps.

American Jewish Committee Goldman Bridge Fellowship
Cooperation among faith and ethnic groups is a vital ingredient to maintaining the strong, vibrant, democratic fabric of this country. A new generation of young leaders will determine the future of that democracy. This Fellowship is an effort on the part of the Jewish community to focus on building the skills and inspiration needed to engage in that work – within the Jewish community and as a catalyzing force outside of it.

Sistema Fellows Program at New England Conservatory
The Abreu Fellows Program at New England Conservatory trains outstanding young postgraduate musicians and music educators, passionate for their art and for social change, who seek to guide the development of El Sistema programs in the U.S. and beyond. Upon completion of the program, graduates are required to work on behalf of an El Sistema-inspired program in the U.S. for a period of at least one year with the expectation that Fellow alumni will be actively involved in the El Sistema movement for years to come.

Indicorps Fellowship
Each year, Indicorps selects young professionals of Indian origin for one and two year service fellowships with grassroots service organizations in India. To be eligible for the fellowship program, you must be a person of Indian origin (Government of India definition) and have at minimum a university degree or five years work experience. Individuals apply specifically to projects of their interest.

The Financial Clinic Financial Fellowship Program
The Financial Clinic is a nonprofit financial development firm devoted to improving the financial security of working poor families and stewarding economic reform, is culling for a team of intelligent, entrepreneurial, progressive visionaries for its Financial Fellowship Program. Fellows will serve for one year providing financial services to New York City’s working poor, and innovating solutions to the socio-economic problems they encounter.

Princeton in Asia
Princeton in Asia provides transformative, service-oriented experiences for talented graduates and serves the needs of Asia as determined by our Asian partners. Princeton in Asia’s Home Office is located on the Princeton University campus. Princeton in Asia is a private, independent, non-profit organization 501(c)(3) affiliated with Princeton University.

Princeton in Latin America
Princeton in Latin America is a non-profit organization that partners with non-profits throughout Latin America to match them with young, public sector professionals seeking full-year fellowships in development work. We are an independent 501(c)3 which is not funded by Princeton University.

IDEX Fellowship in Social Enterprise
The IDEX Fellowship in Social Enterprise is a 10-month professional development program for recent graduates interested in social entrepreneurship. IDEX partners with education entrepreneurs in India to immerse fellows in the daily management and strategic development of a growing social venture.

Public Affairs/Public Interest

Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Young Fellows Program
FCNL Young Fellows spend 11 months working in Washington, DC, with key staff members to build expertise in advocacy from a public interest perspective. The program is full-time and paid a subsistence-level salary with benefits. Fellows work under the title “program assistant” and work directly with FCNL lobbyists and other senior staff, gaining first-hand knowledge of the legislative process and the organizing and communications work that is necessary for policy change.

Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs
The Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs is a full-time, nine month, graduate-level experiential leadership training program that prepares diverse, intelligent and committed individuals for effective and ethical leadership in the public affairs arena. Unconventional by traditional academic standards, the Fellows Program is rigorous and demanding, an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth. The Fellows Program is offered in Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and St. Louis.

Charles G. Koch Associates Program
The Koch Associate Program is a challenging job opportunity for professionals who are passionate about free-market ideas, and want to become more effective at advancing liberty throughout their careers. The aim is to develop the capabilities of the Associates through the program by providing management training, professional development, and the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their career potential. While in the program, each Associate works four days a week in a full-time position at a reputable non-profit organization. Job opportunities are as diverse as Associates, and range from policy research to communication and public relations.

NYC Urban Fellow 
The Urban Fellows Program is a highly selective, nine-month fellowship which combines work in Mayoral offices and City agencies with an intensive seminar series that explores current urban issues impacting public policy. Program participants are diverse and come from all over the country to work in New York City.

US PIRG Fellowship
As a U.S. PIRG fellow, you’ll gain the hands-on experience it takes to organize public support. You’ll build expertise on an important issue, such as transportation solutions, health care reform, or toxic pollution cleanup. You’ll conduct research, craft policy solutions, act as a spokesperson to the media, build coalitions, write grants, and recruit activists and members. So when the health care lobbyists and Wall Street banks try to stand in the way of reform, you’ll have the skills and resources to meet them head-on. You’ll work alongside a senior mentor, and upon successful completion of the two-year program, you’ll be eligible for a leadership role within the organization.

Institute for Women’s Policy Research – Marian K. Chamberlain Fellowship
The Mariam K. Chamberlain Fellow works as a general research assistant on a variety of research projects and reports. Research tasks may include reviewing literature; collecting, checking and analyzing data; gathering information; and preparing reports and report graphics. Attending relevant Congressional briefings, policy seminars and meetings is also an integral part of the fellowship program.

California Capital Fellows Program
The Center administers four fellowship programs: Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship, Executive Fellowship, Judicial Administration Fellowship, and California Senate Fellows. These programs, known collectively as the Capital Fellows Programs, are nationally recognized. The 18 Assembly Fellows, 18 Senate Fellows, 18 Executive Fellows and 10 Judicial Administration Fellows receive an outstanding opportunity to engage in public service and prepare for future careers, while actively contributing to the development and implementation of public policy in California.

Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Fellowship
The APAICS Fellowship provides exceptional graduates and young professionals with an opportunity to work on policy issues as full-time staff members (9-month position) of a Congressional office, Federal agency, or non-profit community organization.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Fellowship
This Fellowship Program offers talented Latinos, who have earned a bachelor's degree within two years of the program start date, the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at the national level in the public policy area of their choice. Fellows have the opportunity to work in areas such as international affairs, economic development, health and education policy, housing, or local government.

Rural Support Partners – Fellowship Program
RSP is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for the next generation of rural sustainable economic development practitioners. We provide fellows with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, develop professional networks, and learn the values, history, and philosophy upholding rural organizing and community development work. In return, Fellows increase our capacity to serve, while bringing unlimited energy, excitement, and curiosity to our work.

American Jewish Committee – The Helen and Martin Kimmel Internship Program
College and graduate students are encouraged to apply for volunteer internships year-round at The American Jewish Committee. Interns have the unique opportunity to get an insider’s look at the work of AJC in areas such as diplomatic outreach, Israel advocacy, intergroup and interethnic relations, and public relations.

Scoville Peace Fellowship
The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship, established in 1987, is a highly-competitive national fellowship program that provides college graduates with the opportunity to gain a Washington perspective on key issues of peace and security. Twice yearly, the Fellowship's Board of Directors selects a group of outstanding individuals to spend six to nine months in Washington. Supported by a stipend, the Fellows serve as full-time junior staff members at the participating organization of their choice. The program also arranges meetings for the Fellows with policy experts. Many former Scoville Fellows have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in international relations and related fields and taken prominent positions in the field of peace and security with public-interest organizations, the Federal Government, and in academia.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Each year the Endowment offers 8-10 one-year fellowships to uniquely qualified graduating seniors and individuals who have graduated during the past academic year. Carnegie Junior Fellows work as research assistants to the Endowment’s senior associates. Those who have begun graduate studies are not eligible for consideration.

Nonprofit Leadership

The Greenlining Institute Leadership Academy
Thriving communities of color urgently need a generation of young people who are informed and engaged in addressing the most critical issues facing their communities. The Greenlining Academy works to empower and develop the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders to advance racial and economic equity and create positive social change. We seek to develop a network of visionary leaders ready to work across racial and ethnic lines to address America’s most pressing problems and develop sustainable solutions rooted in equity and justice.

The Greenlining Institute Leadership Academy: Fellows Program
As part of Greenlining's overall mission to impact state and national policy and secure community reinvestment on behalf of low-income and communities of color, the Greenlining Academy works to develop the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders and informed community members through its leadership training programs. The Fellowship program is a year-long training program for young leaders that have completed, at minimum, their undergraduate degrees by the start of the program.

Echoing Green
Since 1987, Echoing Green has provided seed funding and support to nearly 500 social entrepreneurs with bold ideas for social change in order to launch groundbreaking organizations around the world. Through our two-year Echoing Green Fellowship program, we provide start-up capital and technical assistance to help new leaders launch their organizations and build capacity.

New Voices Fellowship
New Voices, inaugurated in 1999, is a national leadership development program that helps nonprofit organizations recruit or retain innovative, new talent. It awards salary-support grants to small nonprofits demonstrating a commitment to cultivating and strengthening the leadership potential of creative and diverse "new voices" in the field.

US Golf Association Grants Initiative Fellowship Program
Fellows work in all facets of the USGA Grants Initiative in a challenging environment with a high level of responsibility. The Fellowship also provides an educational component to aid recent college graduates in their professional and personal development. This component focuses on non-profit management, finance, public speaking, writing skills, negotiations, and personal leadership styles. The overall program allows Fellows to learn through experience while examining their professional aspirations and strategies.

Public Allies
Public Allies employs three integrated strategies to develop the next generation of leaders and re-define leadership for our times. The Public Allies signature AmeriCorps Ally Program identifies diverse young adults and prepares them for leadership through paid full-time nonprofit apprenticeships and rigorous leadership training. Our Alumni Programs connect and engage the growing Public Allies network of diverse leaders and invests in those positioned to make the greatest impact. Public Allies' training and consulting arm, The Leadership Practice, magnifies our results by helping leaders and organizations better harness the assets of diverse teams and communities.

National Urban Fellows Program
National Urban Fellows' leadership development program is a rigorous, 14-month, full-time graduate degree program comprising two semesters of academic course work and a nine-month mentorship assignment. Fellows receive a $25,000 stipend, health insurance, a book allowance, relocation and travel reimbursement, and full payment of tuition, in addition to their ongoing personal and professional development. The program culminates in a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the City of New York's Bernard M. Baruch College, School of Public Affairs.

El Pomar Fellowship
El Pomar's Fellowship program is built around the idea that outstanding organizations and communities don't just happen--they evolve when great potential meets great leadership. The focus of the Fellowship is on cultivating the next generation of leaders in the state of Colorado. 

Dialogue Direct Future Leaders Fellowship
Fellows selected to participate in the program will be trained in the principles of grassroots fundraising, team leadership, salesmanship, action for global poverty, and humanitarian relief. They will work as grassroots fundraising team leaders, raising funds and awareness about the work of Children International, the global humanitarian relief organization. Application Deadline: May

Religiously-Affiliated Service

AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps strengthens the Jewish community's fight against the causes and effects of poverty in the United States. We do this by engaging participants in service and community building that inspire them to become lifelong leaders for social change whose work for justice is rooted in and nourished by Jewish values. Participants in our service Corps program live out and deepen their commitments to social change and Jewish life through a year of full-time work at anti-poverty organizations in Chicago, New Orleans, New York, and Washington, DC.

Jesuit Volunteers International
JVs work with domestic and international partners to provide a stipend for volunteers to contribute for a year (two years for international placements). Fundraising is required prior to service, but needs are provided for during the term of service while volunteers directly serve poor and marginalized communities.

Catholic Network for Volunteer Service
The CNVS is a non-profit membership organization of hundreds of domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs.

Masa Israel journey offers a range of Jewish Studies programs designed to deepen your connection to our traditions and to the Jewish people. Programs range from rigorous interdisciplinary studies of the Jewish people and civilization at some of the world’s top universities to Torah instruction and study at Israel’s leading yeshivas and seminaries. Delve into the history of the Jewish people, explore your own Jewish identity, gain familiarity with a wide variety of Jewish texts or study to become a Jewish communal professional.

Volunteer Farming

World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Visitors, or ‘WWOOFers’, spend about half a day on a host farm, learn about the organic movement and sustainable agriculture, and receive room and board - with no money exchanged between hosts and WWOOFers. WWOOF is an educational and cultural exchange program. WWOOFing is a way to learn practical farming skills, be part of the organic agriculture movement, and experience the heart of agrarian culture.

Workaway.info is a site set up to promote fair exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers and families, individuals or organizations who are looking for help with a range of varied and interesting activities. Our philosophy is simple: a few hours honest help per day in exchange for food and accommodation and an opportunity to learn about the local lifestyle and community, with friendly hosts in varying situations and surroundings.

ATTRA Internships in Sustainable Farming
This directory of on-the-job learning opportunities in sustainable and organic agriculture has been published since 1989 as a tool to help farmers and apprentices connect with each other. It is available for farms in the U.S and its territories. There are a few in Canada and the Caribbean as well.

Environmental Programs

Green Corps’ Environmental Leadership Training Program
The mission of Green Corps is to recruit and train organizers, provide field support for today’s critical environmental campaigns, and graduate activists who possess the skills, temperament and commitment needed to fight and win tomorrow’s environmental battles. Green Corps' one-year, full-time, paid Field School for Environmental Organizing includes intensive classroom training, hands-on field experience running urgent environmental campaigns, and career placement in positions with leading environmental groups.

Cape Eleuthera Island School Teaching Fellowship
The Island School’s Teaching Fellowship Program is an opportunity for recent college graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in education. It is an ideal way for future teachers to immerse themselves in all aspects of boarding school life, while receiving the support and training necessary to be successful as educators. As a member of our community, teaching fellows will experience the day-to-day challenges of living on an island while also discovering the rewards of working with young people and other educators who share a similar dedication to academic rigor, environmental issues, and local culture.

Environment America
Environment America is an advocacy group that tackles tough environmental problems like global warming, fracking and pollution of our water, air and special places. Through grassroots campaigns, research reports, news conferences, op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, and more, we’re mobilizing public support for the environment, promoting sensible solutions, and winning tangible results. The changes Environment America has championed and won in Washington, D.C., and more than 25 states are reducing global warming pollution, creating more solar and wind power, sparing our parks and forests from fracking, keeping beaches, rivers and streams clean, and protecting our wildlife and wild places. We have affiliates in 29 states, giving us a strong and broad base of grassroots support and action and a track record of local and state victories, all of which have set the stage for even bigger accomplishments on the national level.