Yale Undegraduate Career Services

Yale Summer Events

Yale students living in a variety of cities throughout the summer will have the opportunity to connect with their peers and Yale alum.

Sign up to receive notifications of Yale-only events this summer through Symplicity.  Under your ‘Events’ tab, click on ‘Employer Information Sessions,’ then select the ‘Yale Summer Events’ item that corresponds with your city from the drop-down menu.  RSVP for the ‘Sign up for Yale in [city] Events (Summer 2014)’ to receive notifications about Yale-only events all summer.  In order for Alumni to gain access to Symplicity, email careerstrategy@yale.edu with the subject line “Alumni access to Symplicity.”  Please provide your graduation year, residential college, and your preferred email address in the body of the email.

The Yale Summer Events in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and New York include on-the-ground student directors to host a plethora of career-related, cultural, political, and social events to help students connect with each other and alumni, and to learn more about their communities.  Yale students living in Washington, DC, San Francisco, or New York this summer will have the opportunity to network with representatives from a variety of industries and meet with Yale Alum.  These events include: panels on careers in a number of industries, conversations with renowned individuals from around the world, trips to shows, museums, concerts, potluck picnics, charity events, and socials.  Past events include:

  • Private tour of Smithsonian (DC, 2013)
  • Conversations with Washington Post correspondents (DC, 2013)
  • Coffee with Nobel Peace Prize recipient (DC, 2013)
  • Private tour of MoMA (NY, 2013)
  • Panel discussion with United Nations (NY, 2013)
  • Conversations with former Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan & Co. Inc. (NY, 2013)
  • “Let’s Talk Start-Ups” discussion panel with Yale Alum (SF, 2013)
  • Talk with Founder and CEO of Bottlenotes, Inc. (SF, 2013)
  • Private tour of Twitter (SF, 2013)

The Office of Career Strategy sponsors Yale Summer Events in over 25 cities worldwide.  Learn about Yale Summer Events in domestic cities and international cities.

Legal notice: There will be alcohol at some Yale Summer Events. For those under 21 who attend events open to all ages where alcohol is served, such as happy hours and barbeques, you are reminded that the U.S. law forbids anyone under 21 from consuming alcohol. Students in attendance at these events acknowledge that Yale University is not responsible for, and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to a student who does not abide by this law.