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With our new online collection of videos, you can hear from Yale alumni, staff, and other distinguished panelists as they discuss their career paths and offer advice on getting started with an pursuing a career.

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Security Clearance Processing

This presentation covers the process for security clearances, details the thirteen guidelines used in reviewing candidates during clearances, and gives helpful advice regarding how to navigate the Investigator Interview.

The Teaching Portfolio I: How to Write a Teaching Statement - 2014

Graduate job seekers are increasingly asked to submit a teaching statement together with other application materials. What are the elements of a good teaching statement? How should it be structured? What is its purpose? Is a “teaching statement” different from a “statement of teaching philosophy”? This introductory workshop will explain the theory and practice of crafting a good teaching statement.

Graduate School: Steps in the Application Process

This presentation provides advice to applicants preparing to apply for admission to graduate schools.

Careers in Science and Health Policy Panel

Scientific investigators and medical professionals address clinical, public health, economic, and societal impact of health policy.

Careers in Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Panel

PR, Marketing and Advertising are vibrant, innovative fields that marry artistic ingenuity with analysis, and have a range of opportunities for those with strengths in communications, strategic thinking and creativity. Our panelists discuss their career paths and share advice with students considering careers in these areas.

Careers in Non-Profits Panel

Learn from Yale alums who are making a difference in the community and affecting positive social change on a global scale in the vibrant and rewarding nonprofit sector. Our panelists discuss their career paths and share advice with students contemplating nonprofit careers.

Careers in Environmental Conservation Panel

Environmental conservation is, at its simplest terms, the protection and preservation of the environment. Learn from panelists as they discuss the variety of approaches to this field whether it be academic, law, health or research.

Careers in Education and Academia Panel

The field of education offers a wide range of career opportunities both in and outside of the classroom in a variety of settings, public and private. Panelists from several areas within the fields of Education and Academia discuss their work and share tips on how to prepare for a career in education.

Careers in Politics and International Relations Panel

Politics and International Relations is a broad field that encompasses government agencies, intergovernmental organizations (IGO’s), non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), the private sector and non-profit organizations. Learn about the range of options from our distinguished panelists as they share their career paths and advise for students contemplating a career in politics and international relations.

Careers in Economic Development Panel

Rural to urban, public to private, local to international – there are a wide range of career options in the diverse field of economic development. Our three panelists share their story and insights into careers in economic development.