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With our new online collection of videos, you can hear from Yale alumni, staff, and other distinguished panelists as they discuss their career paths and offer advice on getting started with an pursuing a career.

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Soliciting Letters of Recommendation for Graduate School

I am planning to go to graduate school and the application requires letters of recommendation. Are these letters different than those required for a job? Who should I ask and how should I ask them? Is there a timeline I should be following? Watch this video to learn the in's and out's of the protocol for asking for letters of recommendation for graduate school.

What is Global Public Health?

Hear recent alums and employers talk about various jobs in the field of global public health. Gain a better understanding of what path/roles will fit you best.

Writing the Graduate School Personal Statement

Struggling to finish your personal statement? Not sure if you should write about that internship or talk more about inspirational classes? Curious how much detail and personalization you should include in each statement? Join the Office of Career Strategy and the Yale College Writing Center to learn how to write an effective personal statement for graduate programs.

What are Careers in Advertising and Public Relations?

Panelists speak about the traits necessary to be successful in these fields, as well as the different path and roles.

What are Careers in Environmental Conservation?

Professionals in the field of environmental conservation discuss their current work and their career paths

Graduate School Applications: Connecting with Programs & Selecting an Advisor

I am planning to apply to graduate school, but I'm not sure what the first step should be. Should I contact the programs directly or the professors with whom I am interested in working? How should I approach them and how much background do I need to know? Join us to learn the answers to these and other questions about how to connect with graduate programs to which you might want to apply.

I Might Be Interested in Graduate School

Is graduate school right for me? If so, should I apply now, or wait a few years? How do I pick the programs that I should apply to? Who should I talk to in order to make the best choice? This is the first workshop in a series all about applying to graduate school, sponsored by the Office of Career Strategy.

United Nations Information Session

Join us for this lively session with Manuela Morelli, Human Resources Specialist and Global Talent Management, where she will walk you through the hiring process and answer your questions regarding opportunities with the United Nations.

U.S. Department of State Information Session (Fall 2016)

Interested in working for the U.S. Department of State? Want to learn more about the Foreign Service? Watch this video to learn from Foreign Service Officer and Diplomat in Residence Jon Danilowicz.

Prepare for your Federal Job Search with the Partnership for Public Service

Are you considering a career in public service? Need strategic advice on writing a federal resume? Don’t know how to navigate internships and job applications in Watch this video to learn from Kari Rea, Associate Manager at the Partnership for Public Service. She presents on how to find your fit in government, tips for navigating USA jobs, how to create a strong federal resume, and how to apply.