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With our new online collection of videos, you can hear from Yale alumni, staff, and other distinguished panelists as they discuss their career paths and offer advice on getting started with an pursuing a career.

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The Teaching Portfolio I: How to Write a Teaching Statement - 2015

Graduate job seekers are increasingly asked to submit a teaching statement together with other application materials. What are the elements of a good teaching statement? How should it be structured? What is its purpose? Is a “teaching statement” different from a “statement of teaching philosophy”? This introductory workshop will explain the theory and practice of crafting a good teaching statement.

Practical CV to Resume Conversion Guide

This is a concise, yet comprehensive step-by-step reference guide on how to convert an academic CV into a strategic, industry accepted resume.

Defining Your Professional Identity

You have approached a crossroads in your career and are looking to explore alternatives, but where do you start? View this webinar to learn how to navigate various aspects of this transition, from initial exploration through implementation. Acquire strategies and resources to research potential careers, identify transferable skills, and create an action plan in order to take this next step in your professional journey.

The Job Talk and the Interview Class

Many interview candidates are asked to teach a class as part of the campus visit. In some searches, teaching is evaluated indirectly. Participants in this workshop will learn ideas and strategies to help them prepare to teach an excellent interview class. In addition, we will explore ways you can demonstrate your teaching skills during an interview that does not require actual teaching. The session will be designed for graduate students and postdocs from the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

The Teaching Portfolio II: Evidence of Teaching Ability, Student Evaluations, & Sample Syllabi

Graduate job seekers are often asked to submit evidence of teaching ability, student evaluations, or sample syllabi together with other application materials. What should you submit as your “evidence of teaching ability”? How many student evaluations should you submit, and which ones? What is the purpose of a sample syllabus used during the job application process, and how does it differ from a course syllabus? How can annotations be used to enhance your portfolio? This workshop will focus on three of the most common elements of the teaching portfolio, providing participants with an overview as well as practical guidelines.

Life After Yale Series: Financial Literacy

Topics will include, how to prepare income taxes, understanding your paystub, how to budget money for eating, clothes and entertainment.

Life After Yale Series: Apartment Hunting in New York City

Moving to New York City after graduation? Learn more about The NYC apartment hunting process from NYC Real Estate firm Cooper & Cooper. They will discuss the ins and out of finding a NYC apartment. Topics will include, starting your search, NYC neighborhoods, apartment shares and sizes, the application process and the real estate market. Open to graduate, undergraduate students and postdocs.

Creating Your Story for Career Conversations & Interviews

Adviser-led workshops and tutorials address topics including interviewing skills, requesting letters of recommendation, and job and internship searches.

Career Tracks in Academic Medicine - Implications for Education and Training

This presentation is for those considering an MD/PhD as well as alternatives to MD/PhD. Dr. Peter Aronson discusses various career tracks in academic medicine.

Preparing for Your Interviews

This presentation provides the foundation, knowledge, and tools to understand how best to prepare for that interview, and what to expect during the process.