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Adviser-led workshops and tutorials address topics including interviewing skills, requesting letters of recommendation, and job and internship searches.

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The Career Decision-Making Process

What goes into making career decisions? In this video, we'll cover the key aspects of the career decision-making process.

The Job Search

Looking for a job can feel like a full-time job. Watch this video to get clear, specific guidance on how to streamline your job search process.

Yale Career Link

With so many great resources available through Yale Career Link, it might be difficult to know where to start. Watch this video to get a valuable overview of what this system has to offer.

Yale Career Network

Wondering where all of the Yale alum contact information lives? Look no further! This video will direct you to one of Yale's key networking resources: Yale Career Network.

What are Creative Careers: Entry Level Hollywood

Kate Lupo, Founder A workshop and industry conversation, focused on the business side of Hollywood: learn the insider tactics needed to prepare for opportunities at talent agencies, management companies, studios, networks, and production companies.

Conducting the Job Search

This session will help you to develop a strategy for your job search, and inform you of the ways to pursue opportunities through both on- and off-campus recruiting. You'll learn how to reach out to contacts and conduct research to uncover more contacts, opportunities, and information. The "Your Career Strategy 101" workshop has been re-titled to "Conducting the Job Search".

Your Active Job/Internship Search

Looking for that summer internship or full-time job? Have you poured through various databases and still have trouble finding the opportunity that’s right for you? In this session, learn about an array of job/internship search tools that will help maximize your efforts, learn how to articulate your career interests with employer contacts, and learn how to begin to develop your professional network, regardless of your stage in the process!

Top 7 Ways to Make Resume Writing FUN!

It’s time to write or edit your resume. Do you greet this project with enthusiasm or do you scream AAARGH!? Whether you are a new grad, a career changer, or a senior executive, you probably have at least a little resistance to writing the most important career document of your life. The good news: Resume writing does not have to be a drag. In this webinar, Brenda Bernstein will give you her Top 7 Ways to Make Resume Writing FUN!

Effective Resumes and Cover Letters Workshop

Your resume and cover letter will be your first opportunity to make a positive impression. This presentation will provide information on writing impressive and impactful rèsumès and cover letters.

Internship and Job Search Workshop

This presentation provides advice to Yale College students seeking internships and jobs.