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Adviser-led workshops and tutorials provide resources for interviewing for medical school applications, writing personal statements, and finding gap year opportunities.

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Writing the Graduate School Personal Statement

Struggling to finish your personal statement? Not sure if you should write about that internship or talk more about inspirational classes? Curious how much detail and personalization you should include in each statement? Join the Office of Career Strategy and the Yale College Writing Center to learn how to write an effective personal statement for graduate programs.

Graduate School Applications: Connecting with Programs & Selecting an Advisor

I am planning to apply to graduate school, but I'm not sure what the first step should be. Should I contact the programs directly or the professors with whom I am interested in working? How should I approach them and how much background do I need to know? Join us to learn the answers to these and other questions about how to connect with graduate programs to which you might want to apply.

I Might Be Interested in Graduate School

Is graduate school right for me? If so, should I apply now, or wait a few years? How do I pick the programs that I should apply to? Who should I talk to in order to make the best choice? This is the first workshop in a series all about applying to graduate school, sponsored by the Office of Career Strategy.

Medical School Secondary Applications Best Practices

Cat will discuss common themes of secondary application questions. Andrew will discuss how to approach the writing involved in secondary applications. In addition to tactics for composing the essays, he will describe some strategies applicants can use to demonstrate the ways in which they could be a good fit for specific kinds of schools and programs. Elias and Sammy will give some advice on what is needed to complete the secondary applications effectively and within a reasonable time period.

Might You be Interested in Graduate School? Applications 101

It is never too late to get back into the classroom. Whether it has been a couple of years or over a decade, this webinar discusses the important considerations and steps to take when applying to graduate school in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. It reviews the timeline for graduate applications, from selecting programs and soliciting letters of recommendation, to writing personal statements and attending interviews. The right (and wrong) reasons to attend grad school, financial considerations, and differences between a Masters and a Ph.D. are also discussed. At the end of this webinar you will hae all the tools you need to start your graduate school applications.

The 411 on Financing Medical School

Desiree will discuss best practices to be financially prepared for Medical School (such as budgeting, federal vs. institutional funding, etc.), plus provide helpful online resources to understand the financial aid process.

Enhancement Year Panel: Ways to Improve Your Health Professions School Application

The panelists will talk about why they decided to take time off between college and medical school, how the experience helped them each on a personal level, and the advantages that their experiences gave them for medical school applications.

Practical CV to Resume Conversion Guide

This is a concise, yet comprehensive step-by-step reference guide on how to convert an academic CV into a strategic, industry accepted resume.

Career Tracks in Academic Medicine - Implications for Education and Training

This presentation is for those considering an MD/PhD as well as alternatives to MD/PhD. Dr. Peter Aronson discusses various career tracks in academic medicine.

Graduate School: Steps in the Application Process

This presentation provides advice to applicants preparing to apply for admission to graduate schools.