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Panelists discuss various career areas including science and health policy, politics and international relations, media, and the arts.

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What are Creative Careers in Theater? A Range of Theater Opportunities

From design to performance, from development to production, the theater industry offers a broad array of both technical and creative opportunities. Join a panel of alums who are professionals as they discuss this range of pursuit and offer insights into the practical realities of professional theater.

What are Careers in Academic Administration

Ever wonder what it would be like to work in Admissions or Finance at Yale? Curious about what a typical week looks like for a university Development officer? Come meet Yale administrators in an informal panel.

U.S. Department of State and Foreign Service Information Session (Spring 2015)

Presented by Diplomat in Residence, Ana Escrogima, this information session covers the opportunities available through the U.S. Department of State, with a specific emphasis on the Foreign Service. Watch this video to learn about the application process, what makes for a competitive application, and how you can engage in public service through U.S. Department of State programs.

What is Global Public Health?

Hear recent alums and employers talk about various jobs in the field of global public health. Gain a better understanding of what path/roles will fit you best.

What are Careers in Advertising and Public Relations?

Panelists speak about the traits necessary to be successful in these fields, as well as the different path and roles.

What are Careers in Environmental Conservation?

Professionals in the field of environmental conservation discuss their current work and their career paths

United Nations Information Session

Join us for this lively session with Manuela Morelli, Human Resources Specialist and Global Talent Management, where she will walk you through the hiring process and answer your questions regarding opportunities with the United Nations.

U.S. Department of State Information Session (Fall 2016)

Interested in working for the U.S. Department of State? Want to learn more about the Foreign Service? Watch this video to learn from Foreign Service Officer and Diplomat in Residence Jon Danilowicz.

Prepare for your Federal Job Search with the Partnership for Public Service

Are you considering a career in public service? Need strategic advice on writing a federal resume? Don’t know how to navigate internships and job applications in Watch this video to learn from Kari Rea, Associate Manager at the Partnership for Public Service. She presents on how to find your fit in government, tips for navigating USA jobs, how to create a strong federal resume, and how to apply.

What are Careers in Nonprofit Consulting?

Hear from practitioners in the Nonprofit Consulting industry. Find out about the work culture, their clients, hiring timelines and what they day to day tasks include.