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Getting Started

The internship and job search process can seem overwhelming at the first.  Yale's Office of Career Strategy developed helpful workbooks comprised of key worksheets and rubrics to help streamline the internship/job search process.  The PDFs provided below are filled with Rubrics and Worksheets to assist you career exploration and your job/internship search. Its purpose is to:

  • guide you through the many resources in and opportunities through the Office of Career Strategy;
  • help you maintain a running checklist of your career strategy progress;
  • support you in understanding your values, interests, and skills, and translating those to networking and interviewing opportunities;
  • provide a framework for meetings with Career Strategy advisors and your overarching job/internship search.

Start by saving this PDF to your desktop or (even better) a folder dedicated to your career exploration and your job/internship search, as you can come back and update it as needed.  You can also print it out and keep a hard copy.

As you review each section, make notes to yourself about specific areas or questions you’d like to explore further with a Career Strategy advisor.  Don’t forget to make an appointment any time through Yale Career Link.