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With our new online collection of videos, you can hear from Yale alumni, staff, and other distinguished panelists as they discuss their career paths and offer advice on getting started with an pursuing a career.

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How to Overcome a Career Slump

From time to time all of us can experience a career slump; however, it can be a meaningful experience. It allows us to identify the gaps in our work and career. Together we will explore your interests, motivated skills, personality style, needs and values to allow you to achieve greater career satisfaction.

Your Active Job/Internship Search

Looking for that summer internship or full-time job? Have you poured through various databases and still have trouble finding the opportunity that’s right for you? In this session, learn about an array of job/internship search tools that will help maximize your efforts, learn how to articulate your career interests with employer contacts, and learn how to begin to develop your professional network, regardless of your stage in the process!

Welcome Talk: Understanding the Academic Job Search

This talk will introduce you to the essential elements of planning for an academic career. Topics will include: understanding the job market cycle and the realities of the academic job market, determining readiness to go on the market and identifying job opportunities, understanding how to present yourself for different types of institutions, how search committees work and preparing for screening interviews.

Academic Job Search & Preparing the Cover Letter in Humanities

This workshop will provide a general introduction to the academic job search in the humanities, touching on the job market cycle and understanding how search committees work. We will then take a closer look at the essential elements of your cover letter, best practices and common mistakes, and discuss ways of tailoring your application.

Careers in Writing and Publishing Panel

Panelists with diverse writing and publishing experience share with you information about breaking into the field, their career paths, skills and experience that helped them succeed in their jobs and what types of opportunities are available in the field.

Careers in Start-Ups Panel

Learn from Yale alums and other entrepreneurs who have opted for the road less traveled. Our distinguished panelists discuss their professional trajectories and share advice with students contemplating entrepreneurial endeavors.

Careers in Media Panel

Have you ever wanted to be on television? How about working behind the scenes in TV, radio, or press? Learn about careers in media from Yale alums and find out how they started on the career paths which have led them to the jobs that they have today.

Yale Careers in Theater Panel: Producing & Theater Managment

A distinguished panel of theater alumni and professionals discuss the roles and many moving pieces involved in theater production and management.

Letters of Recommendation Advice and MCAT Information

This event delivers information about whom to ask for letters of recommendation and how to go about requesting the letters for health care professions. It also describes the structure and scoring of the MCAT and options for preparation.

Health Professions Applicant Preparation Workshop

Preparing students and alumni for applying to a health professions program for 2018-2019.