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On Campus Recruiting

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On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) provides an opportunity for students to interview with organizations that visit Yale's campus. OCR employers may also choose to conduct information sessions or participate in an industry targeted recruiting event. Visit the Events tab in the Yale Career Link, powered by Symplicity to search for these and other employer events.  


OCR Calendar

  2016-2017 OCR Calendar
August 31 Fall classes begin
September 5 Labor Day (OCS closed)
September 6 Industry targeted recruiting events begin (open to juniors and seniors)
September 12 Employer information sessions for full time recruiting begin
September 26 Fall first round interviews for full-time recruiting begin at OCS
September 28 Employer information sessions for summer internships begin
November 1 First round interviews for internship recruiting begin at OCS
November 2 Offer decision deadline for for students previously employed as interns by the employer
December 8 Offer decision deadline for fall recruiting (full-time and internships)
January 17 Spring classes begin
February 1 Spring first round interviews begin at OCS
February 28 Offer decision deadline for spring recruiting (full-time and internships)

How to apply

Through Yale Career Link, powered by Symplicity students can submit their resume, cover letter and self-reported grade sheet (unofficial transcript).  View the self-reported grade sheet user guide for additional details.

OCR Policies

By choosing to participate in On-Campus Recruiting, students agree to the following OCR Policies: Interview Cancelation PolicySecond-Round Interview Policy and the Offer Policy.