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Dara Rei Onishi '97 Fellowship

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Stark (YC '17) worked on West Virginia's DOE Early Childhood Council projects

This fellowship supports two students engaging in education-related opportunities during the summer. The two recipients receive a stipend of $3,500 each, and are required to provide a written reflection on their internship experience for the Onishi family.  The application can be found under the Yale Students Grants and Fellowships database. 

Application Deadline: January 24, 2017, 5pm EST.

Quote: I am interested in working in education policy because my life was improved drastically by nourishing educational systems that are not available to many students from communities like mine on the South Side of Chicago. I would like to thank the donors of the Dara Rei Onishi Fellowship for their generosity, and for making it possible for me to pursue the beginning of a career in education and public service. I look forward to putting to use the skills and knowledge that I gained this summer to positively affect systems that govern the experiences of students across the country.

Johnathan Terry, 2016 Onishi Fellow

Quote: I am entirely grateful to the Onishi family for the sponsorship that has allowed me to grow and reflect over the past summer.  In both professional and personal contexts, I’ve made connections and opened my eyes to urban education and social justice issues that I will never forget."

Cindy Xue, 2015 Onishi Fellow