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Easy Step-By-Step Instructions to Make Your 3MT Video!

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions for creating your 3-Minute Thesis video using Panopto, Yale’s video and lecture capture platform. For a more detailed explanation click here and refer to our Panopto tutorial here .If you have any questions please contact Hyun Ja Shin at hyunja.shin@yale.edu.

Note: Below are instructions for adding your slide AFTER you have recorded your presentation.  You also may record your slide while simultaneously recording your presentation.  See instructions here under part 4 (Select Screen and Application Sources) and in our  Panopto tutorial here starting at 5:44.  If using this method, you must be in Powerpoint’s full-screen slide show mode. 

Record Your Video

  1. Open a Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser ONLY.
  2. Log on to Panopto using your your NetID: https://medialibrary.yale.edu/
  3. In the Home window: Click on the Create button and choose Panopto Capture. This will open up a new window.
  4. Check your audio and video inputs and click the red button to start and stop recording. Don’t worry about precise timing, you can trim your video afterwards!
  5. Wait for the video upload and processing to be completed.

Edit Your Video and Add Your Slide

  1. Return to your Home window. Click on My Folder on the lefthand menu to see your videos.
  2. Hover near your video and choose Edit.
  3. If desired, trim unwanted content from the beginning and end of your video. It’s easy – see instructions here!  Be sure to click Apply at the top when finished.
  4. Choose Slides on the lefthand menu, and click Add a Presentation. Choose your PowerPoint file. Your slide MUST be in Widescreen format. Once uploaded, click the ‘+’ on your slide to add it to your video.  Then click Apply!

Format and Output Your Video

  1. Go back to the Home window. When the video has finished processing, choose Settings and then select Outputs in the Settings menu.
  2. Under the picklist for Type, choose Tile All Streams and click Apply. This option will produce a video with with side-by-side, equally-sized images of your slide and presentation. Your video MUST be in this format.
  3. Once the processing is complete, you may view and download your video!

For more tips with Panopto, see Panopto’s user guide and support site.