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Summer 2016 Director, Amour Alexandre (YC '17), coordinate all 2016 DC events

Opportunities for Alumni to Engage Throughout the Summer

Yale alumni living in Washington, DC, New York, and San Francisco have the opportunity to engage with current Yale College, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Yale Law School students throughout the summer.  Yale's Office of Career Strategy employs a student director for each of these cities to coordinate events with Yale alums and current Yale students.  Alumni are welcome to host career-related, cultural, political, and social events to help students connect with each other and alumni.  Past events have included small, intimate dinner discussions, career-focused panel discussions, pot-luck gatherings, and trips to historic sites throughout these cities.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Stephanie Waite, Senior Associate Director at Yale's Office of Career Strategy, to start the process, or simply click here:

Types of Events​

Events in which you can host or participate in can include: career discussion panels, dinner or lunch conversations with Yale students and fellow alums, potluck picnics, charity events, and socials.

Past events include:

  • Lunch and Tour of the World Bank (DC, 2017)
  • Dinner with Linda Jewell, former Ambassador to Ecuador (DC, 2017)
  • Panel on Non-Profits with Yale Alumni Nonprofit Association (DC, 2017)
  • Yale Women's Brunch (DC, 2017)
  • Panel Discussion on Law Firm Career Paths (NY, 2017)
  • Networking Event with Yale Women (NY, 2017)
  • Dinner with Kennedy Gachiri (NY, 2017)
  • United Nations Tour  (NY, 2017)
  • Dinner with Dr. Howard Jaffe (Yale Med School ’82) (SF, 2017)
  • Alumni-Undergrad Tech Get-Together hosted by Lien Tran (Yale College ’16) (SF, 2017)
  • Dinner with Paul Fletcher-Hill (Yale College ’15), Co-founder and CEO of PatientBank, a Health-tech startup (SF, 2017)
  • Greenhouse Gases and Climate Policy talk with Commissioner Clifford Rechtschaffen (YLS ’84), hosted by Tim Sullivan (YANA; YC ’72) (SF, 2017)

Thoughts from Summer Event Participants

Quote: I've enjoyed how these events have allowed me to leverage the incredible Yale alumni network and the beauty of DC! Kayaking on the Potomac with the other Women in Government Fellows, and my newly expanded network of Yale friends, was a highlight of my summer.

Yale Summer Events in Washginton, DC 2017 Participant

Quote: Being able to meet up with Yale Alumni has been great. The private dinners have been personal and rewarding, and I felt lucky to be able to get advice from successful alumni who were once in the same position I am now.

Yale Summer Events in San Francisco 2017 Participant

Quote: It was absolutely incredible to be connected with senior executives across different industries who were willing to share their journeys with us. A particular highlight was hearing from a partner in a law firm about a difficult case he had to fight. I can't share any more details, but the story was powerful enough to rekindle my interest in law!

Yale Summer Events in New York 2017 Participant

Quote: Kennedy was a great speaker, and took a lot of care to provide students with realistic expectations regarding the career search process. He emphasized finding a career not based on outside pressures but ultimately on what motivates you to wake up each morning.

Yale Summer Events in New York 2016 Participant

Quote: It was great to hear from a younger Yale alum who was working in the city and making a name for himself but still close enough to his undergraduate experience to offer valuable insight.

Yale Summer Events in Washington, DC 2016 Participant