CareerShift, licensed by the OCS, is a job aggregator and a powerful tool for searching internship and full-time positions posted across thousands of employer websites and other public sites. It also allows the job seeker to find millions of contacts for networking (including Yale alumni) and find recruiters for various companies or by industry. CareerShift is neither created nor maintained by Yale OCS; therefore, Yale is not responsible for the content presented therein. If you have any comments about this resource, please contact us.

Access CareerShift

CareerShift is found in Yale Career Link, under Shortcuts (right side of the home page) and under Resources (left sidebar). The first time you use CareerShift, you will be asked 1 quick question to verify your affiliation to Yale. You will not be asked these questions again.

CareerShift Functions

My Jobs: Search thousands of opportunities from employer websites, published job listings, professional association sites, and other search engines.

  • The keyword search is extremely important, so pay attention to the titles companies use to describe positions.
  • Use “ ” to specify any search items.
  • There is no industry filter on this page, so you will need to include this in the keyword field.
  • For post-graduate jobs, try keywords such as “entry level” “advertising” or common job titles for the position.
  • Use “not” in the keyword search to rule out higher positions such as “not director”, “non senior” or “not experienced.”
  • Use the “or” feature in the keyword search to see multiple positions/industries and get a larger search return.
  • For PhD students, try searching by “PhD” and the industry of interest.
  • Familiarize yourself with additional search criteria and area search to get the best results.
  • There is also a new feature allowing you to search job listings that include H-1B Visa Sponsorship, OPT, and EDA.
  • If you are seeking an internship, select ‘internship’ from the Job Type under the “See All Jobs” section with additional search criteria.

Receive Targeted Emails: Once you have filtered preferred job search results, at the top of the search results you will see the “Save Search” option, which will allow you to name the search and schedule email alerts. As you receive those updates, you can see all of the saved searches in JOBS under the saved search subcategory. Note: You can also save your preferred contact searches and company searches.

Companies: Search employers by industry, size, or location and save companies for future use. Take time to familiarize yourself with the entire industry list since industries may fall under categories you may not expect. For example: nonprofits are listed under Organizations; museums & art galleries are under Cultural; Biotechnology is under Healthcare.

My Contacts: Find employer contacts in a specific industry, location or position. Searchable by person or organization, this powerful tool can find Yale alums working in a specific industry/company/location. Select Yale University and start your search.

My Documents: Upload your resume and cover letter for easy online access. The online document editing tool allows you to edit saved documents for resending. If you need to change an address or revise your experiences/skills, CareerShift allows these edits to existing files within the system without having to upload a new document.

My Campaigns: Set up email campaigns to follow-up on your applications. As you apply and acquire contacts, add them to the My Contacts section. Through a “campaign,” send personalized emails of your resume and cover letter to your contacts.

My Calendar:  Schedule reminders to follow up with potential employers. CareerShift will remind you to contact them via email. If you have a series of interviews coming up, CareerShift can remind you to prepare and conduct research beforehand.

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy Yale Office of Career Strategy