Education Policy

Education policy organizations research, analyze and distribute findings on strategic education policy issues. Research may be conducted at the local, state, and national levels to assess curriculum, student performance within schools, analysis of teaching methods, and strategies that may affect education in noteworthy ways to improve the excellence and adeptness of education. This field involves research, writing, data collection, and analysis. Individuals who prosper possess not only a deep interest in, but also great understanding of, the field and may also be varied in their professional backgrounds such as: political science, economics, psychology, or sociology as examples of a few. It is not uncommon for professionals to begin their career in the classroom as a teacher, then use the knowledge gained from their teaching experience to move into such roles. Career opportunities can be at the local, state, or federal level as well as within an independent research organization.

By Stephanie Waite
Stephanie Waite Senior Associate Director Stephanie Waite