Teaching Abroad

There are two common routes to teaching abroad: teaching English as a second language, and teaching subject matter to students in international and American schools abroad. The majority of international or American schools prefer to hire certified teachers with teaching experience. If you are interested in pursuing work in an American or international school abroad, it would be more beneficial to apply directly to the schools that match your preferences once you have received your teaching certification. There are also placement agencies that will work with college graduates to match them with internships in international schools. Teaching English as a second language is popular among recent graduates, who look for a year or two of experience prior to enrolling in advanced degree programs. Students who complete a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification are more prepared and competitive in the international teaching market; although it is not required for all teaching experiences. Some individual teaching programs help students with TEFL certification through their training programs. Usually these teaching programs require a fee to participate.

By Stephanie Waite
Stephanie Waite Senior Associate Director Stephanie Waite