Budgeting for an ISA: International Internships

Undergraduates on Yale financial aid who secure international internships may apply to receive International Summer Award (ISA) funding. Eligible internships may include those offered by Preferred Yale Partners, those secured through your own search, or a third party internship provider. They may include research internships in a laboratory, internships in the private or public sector, in a nonprofit or for-profit organization.

Students must use CIPE budget standards for flights, health/vaccinations, and in-country transportation. Students must then show their work/research for their housing, visa, and food budgets. In total, the International Internships ISA budget includes: housing, airfare, food, vaccinations, visa (if needed), and local commute.

  • Roundtrip Airfare: CIPE budget standards 
  • Accommodation: the OCS housing resources may be a helpful place to start (not all countries are included); try to use an average of three different sources
  • Food: 13% of the US State Department “Meal” per diem for your destination. Find the Meal and Incidental Expense (“M & IE”) rate for your destination, use the M & IE Breakdown chart to determine the total cost of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) x .13 x Days in-country = Food budget
  • Visa: use CIBT visas and consular websites for research, and talk to your employer
  • In-country commute: CIPE budget standards
  • Vaccinations: CIPE budget standards. This is taken from the CDC Traveler’s guide to identify immunizations needed using ‘All Travelers’ and ‘Most Travelers’ for vaccines a student would not already have and then using the non-member Yale Health vaccination prices (or Passport Health if not offered at Yale Health) plus a $30 fee per injection
By Yale Office of Career Strategy
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