What are the Valued Skills of a Lawyer?

According to the Law School Admission Council, the valued skills lawyers should possess include:

  • Reading and Listening-Lawyers must be able to take in a great deal of information, often on topics about which they are unfamiliar.
  • Analyzing-Lawyers must be able to determine the fundamental elements of problems. They spend much time discerning the nature and significance of the many issues in a particular problem.
  • Synthesizing- Lawyers must have the ability to organize large amounts of material in a meaningful, focused, and cogent manner.
  • Advocating- As an advocate, the lawyer’s role is to represent his or her client’s particular point of view and interests as vigorously as possible.
  • Counseling- Lawyers also spend a good deal of their time giving clients legal advice.
  • Writing and Speaking- Whether in the courtroom or the law office, lawyers must be effective communicators. If lawyers could not translate thoughts and opinions into clear and precise English, it would be difficult for the law to serve society.
  • Negotiating- One of a lawyer’s primary roles is reconciling divergent interests and opinions. When the parties to a proposed transaction disagree, the lawyer, acting as a facilitator, may be able to help them negotiate to a common ground.
By Denise Byrnes
Denise Byrnes Associate Director Denise Byrnes