The Scientist Behind #BlackInNeuro

Angeline Dukes, a graduate student in neuroscience, hopes to transform a Twitter movement into a lasting community. It began with a question. She had noticed other Twitter movements highlighting Black scientists in fields like birding, astronomy, and physics. She wondered: Where’s neuroscience? So in early July, Dukes, who is Black, tweeted:  “Sooo when are we doing a #BlackInNeuro week?”

Within days, a group of nearly two dozen neuroscientists banded together to found Black In Neuro. Like many such groups, it started out as a kind of Twitter club. Its first act: a week-long virtual showcase of the field and a series of events on neuroscience research, racism, and mental health. Read her story featured in the August 26, 2020 STAT article by Natalya Ortolano.

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