2021 Summer Grant Opportunity for Sophomores and Juniors – February Deadline

Summer Grant

The Andy Keidel Undergraduate Endowment Fund will provide grants of $5,000 to selected students to apply their computer science knowledge to a programming project during the summer.


Any upcoming Yale sophomore or junior who will have taken two Computer Science courses by the summer can apply for the grant.  The student does not have to be a Computer Science major.

Details and Requirements

  • To apply, fill out the Application Form (Click Me)

  • Application Deadline for Summer 2021: February 8, 2021, 11:59:59PM EST.

  • We will award one (1) student with the grant in 2021.

  • At the beginning of the summer, the student receives $3,500 of the total grant.  At the end of the summer, the student will publish a  digital record of the project – a website, video, blog entry, app, etc. – to receive the additional $1,500 grant.

  • This grant requires the student to dedicate most of the summer to the project. Student should not concurrently work on another internship.

  • The project can be an open-source package, a mobile app, a website, etc, as long as it involves programming by the student.

Selection Criteria

What we look for:

  • Cross-disciplinary We are looking for projects that reflect the diverse Yale experience.  Students are encouraged to talk to classmates or professors about what problems can benefit from computer science solutions.

  • Maximum learning The students should learn a lot from this experience, whether it’s learning a new framework or platform, or gaining deeper knowledge in a particular field.

  • Worthwhile challenge Though subjective, this will be reflected through the selection process – alum volunteers with tech experience will score the applications.

Selection Committee

Applications are judged by Yale Alumni in tech, including entrepreneurs in both software and hardware, data science professors, start-up lawyers, etc.  Grant recipients also become part of the Selection Committee upon completion of their own projects.


Here is our Contact Form

For more information, please visit http://andykeidelfund.com/summer

By Yuanyuan Zhang
Yuanyuan Zhang Manager of Research, Data & Analytics Yuanyuan Zhang