Beyond The Dollars – Towards A Meaningful Career in Pharmaceutical Sales

Have you ever wondered how doctors and other healthcare providers stay current with the latest developments in therapies, medications, and medical devices? A lot of that information is conveyed through pharmaceutical sales representatives. A lot of you might not consider pharmaceutical sales as a healthcare career in itself, but the job entails a lot more than just making a hard sell. It is a sales representative’s job as well to educate healthcare providers on how their product can potentially help their patients.

In this episode, Dr. Richard Marn brings in a friend of his to share about this and other aspects of the medical sales profession that we seldom hear about. Derek Corson is the Regional Sales Director for Dendreon’s North Atlantic arm. Before that, he spent the last 20 years hopping from pharmaceutical to medical device and then back again to pharmaceutical – all in search for a niche where he can make the most impact. Listen in and see if pharmaceutical sales and sales leadership could be one of the things on your list as a potential healthcare career.

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