Office of Career Strategy: Spring 2021 FAQs

Note: In Spring 2021, the Office of Career Strategy is open and completely functional, however all staff are working remotely. 

Important University Messages:


  1. Will OCS offer services during the spring term?
    Yes, Yale College students, GSAS students, postdocs and alums will have full access to OCS services and resources, including one-on-one career advising and workshops. Advising, workshops and events will all be conducted virtually. The operations of the office are directed by the University’s reopening plans which are in accordance with the recommendations of health experts, Yale’s own COVID-19 Contingency Planning Committees, and Governor Lamont’s roadmap for reopening Connecticut. Please check the OCS website for updates.
  2. Will the OCS offices at 55 Whitney, McDougal Center and Sterling Hall of Medicine be open during the spring term?All OCS physical office spaces will remain closed until further notice. Advising, workshops and events will be conducted virtually.
  3. What are OCS hours during the spring term?
    OCS staff will be available for virtual advising appointments during our normal business hours of 8:30am – 5pm Monday through Friday.
  4. What is the best way for me to keep informed of OCS activities and resources?
    The Yale Career Link is your portal to advising appointments, upcoming events, job postings, employer information, interview practice tools and more. In addition, be sure to read the OCS newsletters, and visit our website at

OCS Advising and Workshops

  1. Can I meet with an OCS advisor during the spring term?
    Yes, OCS advisors are available for virtual appointments Monday through Friday. Make an appointment through the Yale Career Link.
  2. Will drop-in same-day advising be available? In lieu of drop-in advising, there will be 15-minute “quick question” appointments available starting in mid-February. These appointments will *only* cover: resume and cover letter review, interview and networking event preparation, and job/internship negotiations. Make an appointment through the Yale Career Link.
  3. I’m applying to law/medical/graduate school. Can I meet with an advisor?
    Yes, advisors are available for one-on-one advising. Make an appointment through the Yale Career Link.
  4. Will OCS hold career workshops in the spring?
    Yes, OCS will continue career programming for Yale College students, GSAS students and postdocs in a virtual format. For the latest updates, log onto the Yale Career Link.

OCS Employer Events and Recruiting

  1. Will employers be coming to campus for information sessions?
    No. Employer engagement will take place virtually. As in previous years, employers will post information sessions, coffee chats, and office hours on Yale Career Link. All sessions will be conducted online, and instructions are found in the listings.
  2. Will employers be conducting on-campus recruiting or participating in networking events or career fairs?
    Any OCR interviews and networking events or career fairs will take place virtually via Yale Career Link.
  3. How have employers’ recruiting practices and hiring expectations changed due to the COVID-19 situation?
    Recruiting practices vary by industry and individual companies. Plans continue to evolve as the COVID-19 situation unfolds. It’s best to keep up-to-date by visiting the websites and communicating with contacts at your target companies.
  4. How can I continue to network with employers and alums?
    Successful networking can take place in many ways, including virtually. Virtual employer information sessions and career fairs, virtual conferences and panel discussions, and exchanges on LinkedIn and CrossCampus are just a few examples of things to consider.

Students on Leaves of Absence (LOA) and Gap Years

  1. I’m an incoming first-year student but will take a Gap Year. Do I have access to OCS resources?
    Some admitted students may take a year off or ‘gap year’ before starting college. Please note that OCS only advises current Yale students, but our website is full of helpful information and is open to the public. Incoming first-year students will have full access to OCS once they are enrolled. For more information, visit our Prospective Students resources.
  2. I’m a returning Yale student on a leave of absence. Do I have access to OCS resources?
    OCS will continue to support returning students on leave, including advising on how to pursue professional experiences during the leave. Returning students on leave will continue to receive weekly career newsletters and be eligible for programs and workshops hosted by the Office of Career Strategy, including career fairs, internship and full-time interview programs, and individual career and graduate school advising
  3. Can I participate in on-campus recruiting while on LOA?
    Yes, returning students taking a LOA may participate; however, most roles are based on expected graduation dates. The practices of individual employers may vary. Students who are interested, and have the appropriate graduation date for the position, regardless if they are in school or on leave, should go through the recruiting cycle.
  4. How do I update my graduation date in the Yale Career Link if I’m taking a LOA?
    Yale College students should contact their Residential College Dean and GSAS students should contact the Office of the Registrar. Graduation dates that appear in Yale Career Link are updated automatically from the central University systems.
  5. What resources are available to help me find employment during my LOA?
    Yale OCS offers many resources to support your search for experiential learning, upskilling, and networking during a leave of absence. Resource listings are found throughout the OCS website.
  6. If I’m on LOA, can I take advantage of the SEA during the fall or spring semester?
    No. The Summer Experience Award (formerly the DSA) provides a stipend for eligible domestic and international opportunities to Yale College first-years, sophomores, and juniors on Yale financial aid. The SEA is not available during the academic terms. Eligible students on LOA may use their SEA in a future summer.
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