Yale e-Nable Student Chapter

This year, we have begun a new student organization: Yale e-NABLE. Our mission is to join the global e-NABLE community in providing free, customizable 3D printed upper limb assistive devices to those in need. The Yale chapter will focus on reaching the broader New Haven community with e-NABLE prosthetic designs and will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with a digital network of e-NABLE community members.

What is e-NABLE: Enabling the Future
e-NABLE, or Enabling the Future, is a diverse online network of volunteers dedicated to providing 3D printed upper limb assistive devices for people in need across the globe. The e-NABLE community has the ability to design, customize, and print prosthetic limbs that can be shared through a vast network of established chapters spanning 51 countries. e-NABLE began to take off in 2013 and has rapidly grown into an extensive community with over 10,000 members that have provided assistive devices to more than 100 countries. Anyone can participate in e-NABLE’s cause to “Give The World A Helping Hand,” fostering a collaborative effort between people of all professions and backgrounds.

What is Yale e-NABLE:
Yale University has the opportunity to become a part of the e-NABLE network. With the support of SEAS and the CEID, as students we can 3D print prosthetic limbs for those in need in the New Haven community. As this is the first year of e-NABLE at Yale, we are tasked with creating our first test hand and earning our badge as an official e-NABLE Community Chapter. We strongly encourage that individual students become members of e-NABLE as well by building their own test device. From there, we have access to several open-sourced designs and the freedom to develop our own designs. Our next step is to establish a presence in the New Haven community by reaching out to local clinics and hospitals. Yale e-NABLE will also aim to host virtual events centered on informing the Yale community about the need for free prostheses as well as lead workshops in both the fabrication and assembly of assistive devices.

Love CAD or 3D printing? Curious about prosthetics? Get in touch with our team by emailing grayson.wagner@yale.edu to share your skills or learn more.

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