Professional Communication Skills on Display at RITM Research Symposium

The Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration fosters intellectual exchanges that cross institutional, disciplinary, and geographic borders; enrich and challenge academic fields; and foreground underrepresented perspectives.   In 2019, recipients of RITM Research and Conference Travel awards presented short overviews of their work conducted during the summer of 2019 in archives around the world.  This exercise not only provided these individuals with the platform by which to discuss their important and exciting scholarship, but also challenged them to condense their research into a brief presentations for a broad audience, much like our annual 3-Minute Thesis Competition.   Watch this video of the students’ contributions and witness their professional communication skills being leveraged in real time!

2019 RITM Summer Research Symposium

By Brian Frenette
Brian Frenette Senior Associate Director