Be Bold, Be Entrepreneurial

By Adriana Bankston, in the Inside Higher Ed Carpe Careers series.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected every aspect of our lives, including our professional trajectories. The pandemic also provides opportunities to reimagine the future of work. While the virtual world has expanded our view of professional development, the pandemic also exacerbated already existing issues for training and career advancement in research and policy.

My personal interest is to advocate for early-career scientists and empower them to use their knowledge and expertise to make a positive impact in society. Once they get a flavor for how this impact may be achieved, many pursue nonacademic routes as a long-term career goal.

Science policy is one of the routes that allows for translating research expertise into societal impact. From my own personal career transition, as well as through virtual sessions where I’ve advised and mentored early-career scientists interested in science policy careers, I’ve learned a few things that I want to share more broadly in this essay.

Many early-career scientists ask about my own career path, and I’m happy to discuss it, but I always ask what their goals are and try to provide tailored advice. I think sometimes when providing career advice to early-career scientists, we may forget to look at particular issues from their perspective as opposed to our own. . .

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