Strategies for Starting a Job While Remote

By Ashley Brady, in the Inside Higher Ed Carpe Careers Series.

Starting a new job can be stressful and overwhelming in the best of times, but doing so in the midst of a global pandemic, when so much work occurs remotely, makes it all the more complicated. If you are starting a new job this year, congratulations on your accomplishment! If you are joining an organization where some portion of the workforce is normally remote, they are likely to have a well-oiled remote onboarding process. If your new employer has just recently transitioned to remote work, however, you may find things to be a bit bumpier, so it will be even more important for you to plan to take the initiative and ask for what you need.

For those of you not familiar with the term “onboarding,” it refers to the practice of welcoming a new employee to an organization and orienting them to their new position. That includes activities such as helping you connect with human resources and information technology, complete required paperwork, obtain your new badge, meet your colleagues, set up your computer and install software, gain proper accesses and begin to learn the expectations and duties of your new position. Onboarding can start as soon as you accept the position, so don’t be afraid to be proactive to help set yourself up for success in your new role.

Here I share a few tips gleaned from talking to several recent Ph.D. graduate students and postdocs who have already tackled and made the most of the transition into their first job, as well as a couple of seasoned hiring managers who have helped bring new team members on during this challenging time. . .

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