Summer Internships for PhD Students

Traditional summer internships typically last 8–12 weeks and are a full-time commitment. While it can be challenging to fit this kind of experience into a busy PhD course of study (and these positions are subject to GSAS regulations), Yale offers a number of opportunities for graduate students interested in a more intensive form of professional experience. Additionally, a significant proportion of of the internships that traditionally go to undergraduates are also open to graduate students, so you may find the ideal position simply by searching standard job boards or company websites.

Below, you’ll find resources related to all of these options.

GSAS Regulations

Accepting full-time work while enrolled in a PhD program may require taking a leave of absence, and/or foregoing summer funding (though there are some exceptions in the case of unpaid internships). You must also meet a list of requirements, which includes permission of your DGS. If you are interested in a summer internship, you should review the relevant GSAS Academic Regulations in detail.

Graduate students pursuing summer internships must also fill out the Request for Summer Internship Form.

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