Overcoming the Identity Crisis: An Interview with the Author of Leaving Academia

The PhD Pathways Series from Versatile PhD provides an “outside the academy” perspective on career preparation and opportunities across a range of skills, trends and industries. This webinar from December 2020 is available to view now, and be sure to check out the rest of Versatile PhD’s resources.


Chris Caterine earned his PhD and spent the first years of his career as a professor of classics before leaving the professoriate to work as a corporate proposal writer and communications strategist. Since then, he has spent his evenings advising others on how to change careers — and recently published “Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide” with Princeton University Press.In this interview, Chris will discuss his book, the emotional challenges of giving up on a vocation, and strategies to help you figure out who you’ll be if you cease to be an academic.

Presented by Chris Caterine, PhD. Author, Leaving Academia

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By Brian Miller
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