Summer Opportunity: STAQ Quantum Ideas Summer School

The Quantum Ideas Virtual Summer School held in Duke University, June 7-11 2021, is open to Undergraduates, Graduate Students and Industry participants. Undergraduate and Graduate student support is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Confirmed Lecturers and Topics are:
*         Kenneth Brown, Duke, Quantum Error Correction
*         Yufei Ding, UC Santa Barbara, Quantum Architecture
*         Sophia Economou, Virginia Tech, Quantum Spins
*         Aram Harrow, MIT, Quantum Information Basics
*         Abhinav Kandala, IBM, Superconductors
*         David McKay, IBM, Superconductors
*         Akimasa Miyake, U. New Mexico, Quantum Information Basics
*         Crystal Noel, Duke, Trapped Ions
*         Nick Rubin, Google, Quantum Chemistry

Registration closes Monday, April 15. For more information, please visit

By Yuanyuan Zhang
Yuanyuan Zhang Manager of Research, Data & Analytics Yuanyuan Zhang