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Kuaishou is a technology company with artificial intelligence (AI) as its core technology. AI technology is deeply rooted in the marrow of products and runs through the entire business process of content production, content review, content distribution, and content consumption. After nine years of development, by 2020, Kuaishou’s total number employees has been nearly 20,000, working at Kuaishou Flagship, Kuaishou Express, KMovie, Yitian Camera, Kuaikandian, Before, and multiple applications and businesses. Kuaishou’s product matrix has been further enriched, creating a leading content ecology.

They have many challenging and exciting opportunities available for university graduates and interns. Covering engineering, algorithm, strategic analysis, product, operation, game, design, marketing, sales, and functional positions in various locations like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc. Lockin China will be representing Kuaishou to conduct the initial recruiting process.

Students can check the positions and submit their CV through Kuaishou’s official webpage: https://campus.kuaishou.cn


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