Volunteer opportunity: teaching youth about mental health with Mindful Exchanges

Mindful Exchanges, a Yale mental health outreach organization, is seeking volunteers for their mental wellness summer program with the Boys & Girls Club of New Haven! This opportunity involves helping to teach youth at the Boys & Girls Club about mental health. Sessions are held once a week, in-person in New Haven, and last from 6/28-8/20 (but it is okay if you can only attend a few sessions). You will work closely with the program directors (college students) to ensure that sessions run smoothly, engage youth, and make sure that they have fun! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

Skills you’ll get to practice from this volunteer experience: leadership, teaching youth, outreach, lesson planning. You can visit our website at: mindfulexchanges.org.

***Deadline to sign up is May 1st, 2021***

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