Remote Internships: Considerations & Guidelines

Employers may consider converting interns to remote work, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are guidelines from OCS that can help make a remote experience as valuable as possible:

  • Consider creating a work plan or learning plan with your supervisor at the start of the internship.
  • Students should have regular check-ins and should correspond directly with the supervisor at least twice a week by phone, email, or other methods.
  • Students working remotely should have clear instructions and deadlines set by their supervisor throughout their internship.
  • Remote interns should have regular feedback and supervision on their assigned projects.
  • Finally, remote interns should keep a log of their projects that can be submitted to their supervisor on a weekly basis to track their progress.

If you have specific questions on how you may convert your opportunity to a remote working situation, consider making an appointment with an OCS advisor through Yale Career Link or emailing us at All appointments are EST.

Search for remote positions in Yale Career Link! From your homepage, go to Jobs –> Search on the left. From there, select More Filters and click ‘Yes’ under Remote Position.

By Yale Office of Career Strategy
Yale Office of Career Strategy