Making the Most of Your Summer Internship

With summer now in full swing, here are some tips for making the most of your summer internship

Define your expectations of the experience:

  • What would you like to accomplish through this experience?
  • How can you best approach those goals?

Clear communication with supervisor:

  • Starting from a mutual understanding; don’t be afraid to ask
  • Importance of establishing a feedback channel (in both directions)
  • Requesting a midpoint and final check-in

Networking potentials:

  • Making the most of professional proximity (keeping the radar out)
  • Establishing contacts for current context as well as future relationships

Importance of keeping track of the experience to deepen your reflection:

  • You can use the Professional Reflection module to help structure and pace your reflections; otherwise make sure you’re keeping good notes along the way (consider journaling)
  • Eventually you will be organizing your thoughts into the required reflection letter

Contacting our office for questions or support over the summer:

Helpful Resources from OCS

Making the Most of Your Experience

Learning Plan and Goal Setting:

Developing Learning Plans

Internship Checklist (includes Learning Plan template)

Telling Your Story (includes Telling Your Story worksheet)

By Robyn Acampora
Robyn Acampora Director of Strategic Initiatives and Public Service Careers Robyn Acampora