Career Strategy Video Bootcamp for GSAS Students & Postdocs


Calling all GSAS students and postdocs!

  • Are you looking to get a jump-start on your non-tenure track faculty job search before the start of the academic year?
  • Have you just begun considering your career options but don’t know where to start?
  • Did you hear about upcoming virtual and in-person employer events scheduled for the Fall and are unsure how to prepare?

Fear not! The Office of Career Strategy has got your back and is here to help! The video playlist below will provide you with the basics you need to start this semester with confidence!

Introduction to the Office of Career Strategy

Is this your first time working with us?  Watch this short video to learn how you can best leverage all the resources OCS has to offer!

CV to Resume Conversion

Many GSAS students and postdocs have a curriculum vitae (CV) and have yet to construct a professional resume.  A strong professional resume adds valuable transferable skills and context to your roles and accomplishments often not found on a conventional CV.  This quick guide will help you get started on your CV to resume conversion!  For additional information, be sure to refer to our website.

Strengthening the Resume

A strong and effective resume is crucial to a successful job search.  Through this recorded session, OCS staff will walk you through some important tips and best practices so that your resume represents you and your achievements!

Preparing for Virtual Career Fairs

Each Fall, OCS welcomes an array of employers across a spectrum of industries to meet with GSAS students and postdocs. This video will help you best prepare for this year’s virtual networking events!

Using Yale Career Link for Virtual Networking Events

For 2021, all of our networking events & career fairs will be taking place virtually through Yale Career Link.  This video walks you through the steps you can take to engage with dozens of employers during the early part of the Fall semester!

Telling Your Story

When engaging with employers, it is important to have a confident and efficient professional narrative that answers the classic “Tell me about yourself?” question.  This brief video offers clear guidance on what to consider when preparing for these conversations.


Uncomfortable with the idea of networking?  This brief video will help you reframe your thinking about this essential component to the job search process.

Preparing for Interviews

After all the hard work of writing your resume, networking, and applying to positions, you’ve landed an interview!  Congratulations!  Bu how can we minimize the understandable nervousness of interviewing and be best prepared?  This video helps identify best practicesfor your success!

For more information on these and other topics, be sure to refer to the Office of Career Strategy’s website.

By Brian Frenette
Brian Frenette Senior Associate Director Brian Frenette