Case Preparation Tools From RocketBlocks

NOTE: Students have free access to RocketBlocks Free through the Office of Career Strategy Subscription.  

On RB YouTube: Behavioral interview tips (Part I): selecting the right stories. RocketBlocks founder and ex-Googler, Kenton Kivestu, kicks off a 3-part behavioral interview series with this video that includes several actionable tips and exercises to help you find the right, key stories that truly showcase the talent you’re bringing to the table. This is relevant across all industries and interviews, so be sure to check it out! [watch video]

On the blog: PE due diligence interviews. Kenzie Seal, ex-McKinsey & Founder at Forkright, reviews types of due diligence cases that surface in interviews, why firms like them, what forms these questions often take and a high-level framework to help with structuring. There’s also a full-case example in here; this post is a great addition to your prep toolkit!  [Full post]

On the blog: Pricing case interviews. Here’s another gem from Kenzie Seal, ex-McKinsey & Founder at Forkright, who distills the goal of pricing questions, and identifies 3 common formats and 3 frameworks to skillfully work through these cases. Luckily, the post ends with a full-case application of all these skills in action! [Full post]

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