Strategizing PhD Careers: Requirements for Nonprofit Sector Letter of Completion

The Office of Career Strategy offers participants an official Letter of Completion for their full participation in the Strategizing PhD Careers : Nonprofit Sector Workshop Series. The requirements for the letter are the following:

I. Attendance of All Five Sessions of the Strategizing Careers in the Nonprofit Sector Series.

The program consists of five sessions spread over the semester. Each session will be last between 60-90 minutes. Participants are expected to attend all sessions and take part in the discussion sessions.

II. Completion of Preparatory Exercises and Readings for Sessions

The OCS has compiled online resources to aid and complement our discussions while helping students develop their portfolios. Participants are expected to peruse these materials as preparation for our meetings. The estimated time required for this varies from 60-90 minutes for each session.

III. Participation in a “Coffee Chat”

The program is intended to foster community and help students develop connect with experts in various fields. Participants should schedule at least one individual meeting with one of the speakers. Meetings can take place at any time during the semester and can vary in duration.  They can be held online, over the phone or in person (in line with safety guidelines).

IV. Submission of Sample Material from Portfolio

Participants should submit one part of a future portfolio. This can be resume, a draft cover letter, a draft diversity and inclusion statement, an updated LinkedIn Profile, a personal website or any related material.

V. Feedback

At the end of the program, participants are required to complete a brief survey and provide a short reflective description of their experience with the program made available through Yale Connect upon the completion of requirements I-III, and submission of the portfolio materials.

By Taryn Dubois
Taryn Dubois McDougal Career Fellow