Alumni in Energy

Following in the footsteps of other greats is always a good idea. The statement applies to your prospective careers in energy as well. What better way to figure out what you want to do with your career than to see what other Yalies have done in the past? The following is a list of actual jobs landed by Yale University graduates, along with their major, year of graduation, and employer name. The list is non-exhaustive, but should give a rough idea of the employment opportunities post-graduation:

No. Employer Industry Function (Role) Major
1. VECO Power Trading Energy and Power Finance Mathematics
2. Con Edison Energy and Power Engineering Computer Sci
3. DC Energy Energy and Power Data Science/Data Analytics Chemical Engineering
4. Pine Gate Renewables Energy and Power Finance Economics
5. Charles River Associates Energy and Power Consulting Environmental Studies
8. Southern California Edison Energy and Power Engineering Mechanical Engineering
9. Citi Energy and Power Finance Economics
10. Navigant Consulting, Inc. Energy and Power Consulting Engineering Science – Chemical
11. Brightcore Energy Energy and Power Finance Economics
12. Power Advocate Energy and Power Business Development Chemical Engineering
13. Genscape Inc. Energy and Power Consulting Astrophysics
14. Tudor Pickering Holt & Co / Perella Weinberg & Associates Energy and Power Finance Applied Mathematics, History
15. Earth Law Center & Hanalei River Heritage Foundation Environment Project Management Environmental Studies, History
16. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Environment Research (Policy, Academic, Literary) Environmental Studies
17. Industrial Economics Incorporated Environment Consulting Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
18. Yale Carbon Containment Lab Environment Research: Laboratory Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
19. Environmental Defense Fund Environment Sustainability/Social Responsibility American Studies, Anthropology
20. Davey Resource group, Inc. Environment Sustainability/Social Responsibility Environmental Studies
21. Environmental Law Institute Environment Research (Policy, Academic, Literary) Global Affairs
23. Students for Carbon Dividends Environment Advocacy/Campaigning/Lobbying Ethics,Politics & Economics
24. Yale CoLab Environment Finance Ethics,Politics & Economics
25. Renewables Consulting Group Environment Consulting Ethics,Politics & Economics
26. Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale Environment Engineering Environmental Engineering
27. US Army Corps of Engineers Environment Operations Environmental Engineering , Geology & Geophysics
28. Goldman Sachs Environment Sustainability/Social Responsibility Economics


By Sena Sugiono
Sena Sugiono