Connecticut Employers: Governor’s Innovation Fellowship- Company Recruitment

The Governor’s Innovation Fellowship (GIF), we would like to encourage you to engage with this special program. To provide some context, the GIF program attracts and retains top college graduates and places exceptional talent with growing Connecticut companies.

We understand hiring continues to be one of the biggest issues for companies in our state. If you have open positions that might be filled with recent college graduates (young professionals who graduated in 2021 or will graduate in the spring of 2022), we’d like you to consider hiring one of the Governor’s Fellows—Governor Lamont’s answer to Thiel Fellows and the Fulbright Scholarship Programs. Alternatively, if you plan to hire or have hired a recent Connecticut graduate (either from a CT college or a CT resident), we would also consider entering them into our program.

If selected, Fellows receive:

  • A growth-track position in an innovation-based Connecticut company
  • A $5,000 grant
  • Enrollment in a fun and educational CTNext career and leadership development experience program with peers from around the state

Currently, we have 400+ applications for a dozen open positions. If you’d like to add an open position to the program or have additional questions, please reach out to Julia Napolitano ( or 860.258.7892) or Matt McCooe (

Last year we had nearly 20 Fellows who had fantastic experiences, benefiting both them and their employers. Let’s discuss ways we can make the Governor’s Innovation Fellowship program work for you. Thanks in advance for your interest and participation.

By David Halek
David Halek Director of Employer Relations