Yale President’s Public Service Fellowship Deadline: Friday Jan 21, 4pm

For Yale College Students and Yale Graduate Students not in their final year of study, the Yale’s President’s Public Service Fellowship is open for applications and will close on Friday, January 21st at 4pm EST.
Student applications and additional information can be found on the Information for Applicants page.

Length of Placement, Fellowship Requirements and Compensation: For the summer of 2022, placements can be for any consecutive period of eight to eleven weeks between May 31 and August 12,2022. Summer pay ranges from $6,750 to $9,600 based on experience, degree pending, and weeks worked.

About the Fellowship: The President’s Public Service Fellowship was established in 1994 to provide expanded opportunities for Yale students to work on behalf of economic development, human development, and neighborhood revitalization with public sector and nonprofit organizations in the City of New Haven. Since 1994, the Fellowship has grown from 20 Yale students working full-time for eight weeks during the summer to more than 30 Fellows working for up to eleven weeks during the summer in different organizations. The President’s Public Service Fellowship has built a strong reputation with organizations in New Haven, and has created a legacy of current Yale students and recent graduates who have a sophisticated view of community development and remain active in community building in New Haven and in other cities. Over 900 Yale University undergraduate, graduate and professional school students have contributed more than 380,000 hours of community service to New Haven nonprofit and public sector agencies as President’s Public Service Fellows since 1994.

By Robyn Acampora
Robyn Acampora Director of Strategic Initiatives and Public Service Careers Robyn Acampora