Remote Internship: Research & Storytelling at Midstory

Remote Research and Storytelling College Program

Midstory’s 2022 remote ThinkLab program is for the next generation of thinkers who believe in shaping the post-industrial story through a multidisciplinary framework. Students work closely with our team to craft and share hidden stories through research, solutions-oriented projects and multimedia production — with such topics as demography, the environment, culture, arts, education and more. This summer, we have some very exciting citywide projects aimed at generating momentum in this Rustbelt town, including an ongoing labor history podcast partnership with the city library, a dive into the AAPI experience in the Midwest, and a look at cities across the Midwest through data. Our students receive a full training, curriculum and “on-the-ground” experience through team meetings, social hours, digital workspace platforms, virtual interviewing and research, and more.

The program is designed for students to pursue meaningful and personally-enriching topics in a nonprofit thinkhub setting. Students…

• Obtain experience in a creative, multidisciplinary, team-focused environment
• Connect with professionals, graduate-level researchers and fellow students from all over the country
• Learn design tools and create multimedia with staff support
• Pitch, research and contribute meaningfully
• Have the potential to join future funded projects with Midstory

We work individually with students who are looking to receive college credit (where applicable) or funding through university departments or scholarship funds. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us at  Midstory aims to cultivate the next generation of creatives and thinkers to shape the Midwest story.

Midstory Media Thinkhub is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in March of 2018 by four core members from the Midwest who have received an education from universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and MIT and have since returned to Toledo, OH to begin a lifelong journey for post-industrial communities. The Midstory team dedicates its operations to progress the narrative of the Midwest by incubating bright, diverse and interdisciplinary thinkers to exchange ideas and envision the future of our region through multimedia storytelling and solutions-oriented research.

To apply visit: or view position on Yale Career Link.

By Kelly McSergi
Kelly McSergi Assistant Director of Employer Relations