Receiving Funding for your Summer Experience Award or Fellowship Award?

Receive Your Funding – Zelle
Regarding your Summer Experience or Fellowship Award, we are asking you to take a moment to enroll in Zelle.
In 2021 Yale implemented Zelle, a digital payment method to transfer money with faster results. This is available to Yale students meeting the following requirement; a U.S. bank account, a Yale email address. Please review & follow the steps with the Zelle Toolkit

Safely send or receive money using Zelle. To get started, search for your bank or credit union to see if you already have Zelle in your bank’s mobile app or online banking. You can also download the Zelle app to send and receive money quickly

Get Started With Zelle | List of Bank Partners and Credit Unions |

By Lisa Blees
Lisa Blees Assistant Director, Programming & Internal Relations