New: Mock Technical Coding Interview Appointments!

Software Engineering Interview Prep

The Office of Career Strategy is pleased to offer students mock technical coding interviews to ensure readiness for your upcoming internship or full-time position interviews for software development or engineering roles! Interviews have become an integral part of the hiring process for software roles, and partaking in a mock interview with us will give you insight into how these interviews are usually conducted, allowing you to feel more comfortable and prepared when it comes time to have your actual interview.


After you register for a mock interview with us (see how below!), you will get a survey with a couple of questions for us to better understand your background. After completing that, you are all set for the mock interview! The whole process will be 45 minutes long. The mock interview will begin with a quick introduction (5-10 minutes) followed by the coding question (~30 minutes). In the end, there will be some time for questions and feedback (5-10 minutes).

Main benefits of partaking in mock interviews:

  1. Structure: Gives you a concrete idea of what to expect on your interview and how it will be conducted.
  2. Practice: Allows you to practice walking through and solving a coding problem in real time with an interviewer, a new setting for most!
  3. Feedback: The interviewer will give you feedback on what could be improved and tips on how to achieve those improvements.

To learn more about technical coding interviews, see our links on our technical interview page

How to sign up for an appointment:

You can sign up for an appointment via the Advising tab (top right corner) in the Yale Career Link — select “Mock Technical Coding Interview” as the appointment type. All technical coding interviews are led by graduate peer advisor Arthur Lazzaretti

By Meredith Mira
Meredith Mira Senior Associate Director