Aspen Institute Future Leaders Climate Summit: March 3-6, 2023

Application Deadline: December 3, 2022

Decisions made by mid-December

The Future Leaders’ Climate Summit will take place March 3-6, 2023, during Aspen Ideas: Climate in Miami Beach, Florida. The Summit is open to any individual between the ages of 18 and 30 with a demonstrated interest in climate change and sustainability issues. Travel to and from Miami Beach, lodging accommodations, and most meals during the Summit will be provided for the 2023 cohort of the Future Leaders Climate Summit. Please note that there will be a limited number of leadership spots for those who are 26+. 

After the Summit, the Future Leaders are invited to stay in Miami Beach and attend Aspen Ideas: Climate from March 6-9, 2023. Aspen Ideas: Climate is a collaboration with the Aspen Institute, the City of Miami Beach, and a diverse group of partner institutions in and beyond South Florida designed to offer the public a chance to interact, learn, and inspire one another on ways we can collaborate, unlock technological ingenuity, and build a brighter future for generations to come. To learn more, please visit:

Event Description: The third Future Leaders’ Climate Summit will gather ~ 250 young and diverse leaders from around the world for three days to discuss climate policy, communications, advocacy, and individual action and leadership. The Future Leaders will work to develop ideas and recommendations for wicked problems facing their communities today, from mitigating climate change, to adapting to extreme weather impacts, to preparing for a rapidly changing world that likely will include more political unrest, forced migration, and security issues. Amid the back-drop of Aspen Ideas: Climate, Future Leaders will have the opportunity to network, convene, and co-collaborate with some of the biggest voices in climate and have access to spaces that have historically excluded the voices of young people. 

Our Commitment to Diversity: This summit has been designed in the hopes that it will create and foster collaborative, innovative, and creative conversations among a wide variety of thinkers and leaders. Our collective success depends on a robust exchange of ideas – an exchange that will be fueled by a rich diversity of perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, and opinions. To create this exchange, we are looking for diverse candidates, each who hold their own unique solutions to the complex climate crisis of our time. We encourage and celebrate the uniqueness of your candidacy and hope that you will consider applying and contributing your ideas to the Future Leaders Climate Summit.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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By Jorimel Zaldivar
Jorimel Zaldivar Senior Associate Director for Common Good Careers