Here’s what’s happening in Ed Studies:

Breakthrough Teaching Fellow

Breakthrough Collaborative is a national leader in education equity.

We bring together passionate undergraduates from all majors and with a variety of professional goals to teach our motivated middle-school students.

Breakthrough students come from under-resourced schools, but on the path to college. During our intensive summer sessions, they prepare to succeed in the most academically rigorous environments.

Fellows receive intensive training and continuous feedback in a fun and hard-working community.

We prepare the next generation of teachers and develop others to succeed in any profession.

Breakthrough has programs across the country. We offer living stipends and a meaningful summer experience.

The deadline to apply for Summer 2023 is February 23, 2023.

Would you like to be connected with the Ed Studies program? Our events are open to anyone at Yale. Anyone can sign up for the mailing list.

By Stephanie Glover
Stephanie Glover Senior Administrative Assistant