New Videos on CreativeStudy

Through SoA’s subscription to CreativeStudy (formerly Art World Learning), students have access to an expanding library of courses on real-world elements related to working in the arts, including freelance finance, budgeting, taxes, credit, debt, saving and investing, economics and art, business entities, intellectual property, and more. 

New users can subscribe by visiting (note: this is case sensitive!), creating a username/password and pressing “Buy.” The discount is automatically applied, so no payment info is required. 

CreativeStudy is starting 2023 with three new courses, plus upcoming Q&As on taxes, saving and investing, healthcare, and more:

“No Starving Artists! No Sellouts! Introduction To Creative Work In The Solidarity Economy” and “No Scarcity! Timebanking”
These courses introducing the Solidarity Economy are presented in partnership with Creatives around the world are working together, placing people and the planet over profit to create thriving homes, businesses, investments, and creative work. You can too. 

“Protecting Your Storytelling Power: Strategies For Black Artists”
This first course on communication features marketing expert Amani Olu discussing the initial steps for Black artists to safeguard their stories. While Amani is directly addressing Black artists with advice gained from his lived experience, all creatives and administrators could benefit from this course. 

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By Lori Ferrara
Lori Ferrara Senior Administrative Assistant