Technology in Education: Transforming Classrooms to Unleash Human Potential

Interested in education, technology, and the intersection between the two? This upcoming talk hosted by Yale-China will delve into the benefits and limits of technology in education.

join us on Zoom on Tuesday, February 7th at 8pm for “Technology in Education: Transforming Classrooms to Unleash Human Potential,” a conversation with Dr. Minh Tran (YC ’09 and former Yale-China Fellow), Vice President for Operations and Academic Affairs at GoodNotes. Dr Tran will discuss the status of EdTech in classroom settings: how the field is changing, the needs it meets, and where it falls short. Dr. Tran will share personal insights from teaching in the U.S. and in Hong Kong, and from the perspective of GoodNotes’ new classroom product that aims to transform classroom interactions so that educators can personalize learning. This talk is co-sponsored by Education Studies and Tsai CITY. Register here or at the following link:

By Stephanie Glover
Stephanie Glover Senior Administrative Assistant