Yale Biotech Club/ Venture Capital Bootcamp: March 27 – March 31, 2023

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The mission of the Venture Capital Basics Bootcamp is to provide the Yale graduate student community with a broad overview of the biotech VC industry, the basic investment principles used in VC. We hope that our attendees will finish the program with a greater understanding of the role of VC in the biotech industry, the firms and internships available in the biotech VC field, and the basic skills necessary to be successful in these positions.

Advantages of the 1-week YBC Venture Capital Bootcamp:
• Covers basic investment principles in a time efficient manner
• Provides students with the opportunity to embrace a business mindset and engage in solving real- world problems under the guidance of leading industry professionals
• Promotes available VC fellowships, and provides students with the training to be strong applicants
• Provides a networking platform in the Yale community for students to connect with like-minded graduate students, faculty, and industry leaders.

By Giselle Tsikaridis
Giselle Tsikaridis Senior Administrative Assistant