Expert Advice: How to prep for consulting interviews

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Consulting Interview Deep Dive

McKinsey interview led consulting case interview: free public Wi-Fi

Featuring Chris Macrae Ham, an ex-BCG Project leader + RocketBlocks Expert coach, and Matthew Calvert, an ex-BCG Consultant & RocketBlocks Expert coach.

New drills for active interview practice!

People really like doing mental math drills – some students will do thousands of drills., We’re happy to announce that we added a NEW math drill type: time series conversions, with unlimited questions like this: 

  • $85,000 a day is how much in two years?
  • $9,300 a day is how much in 3 months?

Log into Rocketblocks and go to the Consulting or Strategy & Bizops module today to practice to perfection!

  1. Click Drills in the header
  2. Select Mental math from the menu
  3. Click the radio button next to Time series conversions
By Lisa Blees
Lisa Blees Assistant Director, Programming & Internal Relations