Now Available: Health Professions Virtual Mock Interviews

Virtual mock interviews, in preparation for any professional health professions program interview(s), are available for Yale College seniors and alums, GSAS students and alums, and postdocs who have applied to medical school or another health professions program in the current cycle. As an applicant, you are eligible for up to 2 mock interviews in total, throughout your preparation for your health professions interviews.

Before requesting a mock interview, review the Office of Career Strategy’s Health Professions Interview resources:

Signing up for a virtual mock interview

Upload your Application materials to Box

Once you have received your first interview invitation, submit a copy of your application to You only need to submit your application to the link one time. Please submit your application copy as “First_Last_application”. Your interviewer will have access to it, which will help them formulate questions for your mock interview. Submitting secondaries is only necessary if you would like to practice specific questions for your upcoming interview with a specific school. Please submit your secondary application as “First_Last_School_secondary”

Make Your Appointment on Yale Career Link

Once you have submitted your application to the Box at Yale link, log into Yale Career Link, select Advising Appointment and request a new appointment. Select:

  • Appointment Type: Mock Interview for Health Professions Applicants
  • Your preferred date range and time (please be mindful of time zone differences)
  • Length of Appointment: 60
  • Location: Remote
  • Then either choose one of the available advisors with “Health Professions Mock Interviewer” after their name or choose “show all” to see who has availability that best meets your needs.
  • Complete your request and submit. You will receive confirmation when your appointment is accepted by the interviewer.

Questions? Contact the Health Professions Advising Team at

By Stephanie DelVento
Stephanie DelVento Senior Administrative Assistant, Health Professions Advising/STEM Connect